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4-Star Superior Hotel "Santa Isabel"

Visit the themed hotel "Santa Isabel" in the style of a Portuguese monastery! Next to the Spanish hotel "El Andaluz", a new establishment built in the style of an old Portuguese monastery offers all the comforts and conveniences of a modern 4-star superior hotel. The guests of Europa-Park can live like monks or nuns – whilst living it up in luxury! Three conference rooms, lobby, swimming pool (indoor/outdoor), air-conditioned hotel rooms, and a wellness area.

FAQ Europa-Park Hotels

Good to know for your stay

This guide contains important information and tips to help you organise your stay at Europa-Park.


phone +49 7822 860 5679 | fax +49 7822 860 5545 | | Europa-Park-Str. 4+6 | 77977 Rust, Germany


08/01/2017 until 31/03/2017
Europa-Park is closed during this period.

Adults (12+)

B&B (Fri. and Sat.)

5/6-bed room

61.50 EUR

4-bed room

72 EUR

3-bed room

81 EUR

Double room

101.50 EUR

Single room

157.50 EUR

Children (4-11 years)

5/6-bed room

41.50 EUR

4-bed room

47 EUR

3-bed room

56 EUR

Double room

77 EUR

All prices per person.

April 01, 2017 - November 05, 2017

Bed & breakfast

Adults (aged 12+)

Children (aged 4-11)

5/6-bed Room

69.50 EUR

46 EUR

4-bed Room

78.50 EUR

51.50 EUR

3-bed Room

87.50 EUR

61.50 EUR

Double Room

109.50 EUR

83.50 EUR

Single Room

169.50 EUR

Europa-Park Admission Prices (when staying at the Europa-Park Hotels)

1-day Admission Ticket

47 EUR

40.50 EUR

2-day Admission Ticket

88.50 EUR

76 EUR

3-day Admission Ticket

112 EUR

95 EUR

All prices pp.

November 25, 2017 - January 07, 2018 (except 24 & 25/12)

Bed & breakfast

Adults (aged 12+)

Children (aged 4-11)

5-/6- bed room

69.50 EUR

46 EUR

4- bed room

78.50 EUR

51.50 EUR

3- bed room

87.50 EUR

61.50 EUR

Double room

109.50 EUR

83.50 EUR

Single room

169.50 EUR


All prices per person.

Kids as guests

Breakfast with Ed Euromaus and his friends

Ed Euromaus and his friends come and meet our little hotel guests every morning between 8 and 09.30am (summer season) or between 9 and 10am (winter season) in the different restaurants of the Europa-Park Hotels.
Europa-Park Kleine Gäste Kinderdisco

Children’s disco

On summer evenings, children are very welcome to take part in and have fun at our children’s disco with Ed Euromaus and DJ Misha on the open-air stage in the spanish themed area. (winter season: the children´s disco in the hotel "El Andaluz")
Europa-Park Kleine Gäste Wasserspielplatz

Pueblo del Agua (Hotel "Castillo Alcazar")

A huge and colourful kid’s climbing tower with a water chute and big whales cater for fun at “Pueblo del Agua”, the “water village”. Different fountains are perfect for a cooling and the children’s eyes will sparkle with joy (summer season).

Prizes & Awards

The Europa-Park Theme Park & Resort has been a winner of the regional awards “familien-ferien” (family holidays).