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Zeppelin flight rides over the Europa-Park region

Float through the sky on board the Europa-Park Zeppelin - the most beautiful way to fly!

Everyone’s eyes will be to the sky as the Europa-Park Zeppelin rises over Rust, where it is to begin its journey above the landscape between the Black Forest and the Vosges. Reach an altitude of around 300m, then lean back in the comfortable leather seats and enjoy the stunning views. 

Flight rides last approx. 40mins and will take place between 20th – 24th April 2016, after which the Europa-Park Zeppelin will continue it’s flight to the Lake Constance region where you’ll be able to see it until mid-November.

Book now online and save €10! Ticket: €340pp incl. entry to Europa-Park on the day of your flight 

Facts & Figures Zeppelin NT  
Length: 75m (longer than an Airbus A380)
Width: 19.5m
Height: 17.4m
Volume of shell: 8,425 m³
Cabin volume: 29 m³
Cabin length: 10.7m
Number of seats: 12 passengers, 2 pilots
Max. speed: 125km/h
Cruising speed: approx. 65km/h
Flight altitude: approx. 300m
Flight Information  
Route: Over the Europa-Park region
Duration: 40mins
Ticket: €340pp incl. entry to Europa-Park on the day of your flight
Book now online and save €10!


Flight plan and tickets