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Evening Programmes

The joys of themed dinner events

Unforgettable evening programmes top off every event. With about 300 artists from 25 countries Europa-Park offers an international and multifaceted assortment of shows. At the “Cirque d’Europe” dinner show in the Teatro dell’Arte – a faithfully reconstructed Baroque-style theatre – Europa-Park´s artists present breath-taking acrobatics, music and dance while the spectators are treated to an ambrosial gala menu created by the French starred chef Emile Jung.

Or it’s off to the jungles of Indonesia for the exotic spectacle Indonesia Malam, where an Eastern potpourri of artistic dance, live singing and comedy is served together with a sumptuous Asian four-course meal. The French Evening offers another variety of international cuisine in an enchanting atmosphere with comedy, dance and acrobatics. Entrancing aromas and dances becharm the guests at a Spanish-Moorish night and transport those at the Greek Evening to the earthly delights of ancient Greece. Moreover, other evening events can be booked. Customers are also invited to create their very own special evening programme, which is organised and executed entirely according to their desires. Whether festive, casual or rustic: at Europa-Park, no wish is left unfulfilled.

Guests can go on a trip through time, back into the medieval ages: The Medieval Banquet invites visitors into the ancient halls of Balthasar Castle, which was built in the 15th century, to enjoy the princes’ favourite delicacies. Framed by jugglers, fire-eaters and dancers guests can feast traditionally with their hands and a dagger.