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We care for your safety

Dear visitors,

Europa-Park is Germany's biggest theme park. In order to guarantee for your safety, our engineers and technical specialists regularly check and inspect all attractions!

We now want to inform you about the most important safety regulations at Europa-Park. If you follow the safety instructions, you will have an unforgettable and safe stay at Europa-Park.

At the entrance of each attraction, you will find a signboard describing the attraction, safety regulations and restrictions. Please read these signs attentively, in order to acquaint yourself with the safety regulations of the rides.


Restrictions regarding age and height on the attractions:



Restrictions regarding age

and height

Only accompanied

by a adult

 6 years and 1,20 m
Silver Star 11 years and 1,40 m
Euromir 8 years and 1,30 m

(max. size 1,95m)

 8 - 10 years
blue fire Megacoaster
 7 years and 1,30 m -       

"Jungfrau-Gletscherflieger" 6 years and 1,20 m
6 - 10 years

Alpine Coaster 6 years and 1,20 m
 6 - 8 years
Eurosat 6 years and 1,20 m
6 - 10 years
Matterhornblitz 6 years and 1,20 m
 6 - 10 years
Poseidon 6 years and 1,20 m
 6 - 8 years
Tirol Log Flume  6 years and 1,20 m  6 - 9 years
Cassandra's Curse 5 years and 1,10 m
 5 - 8 years
Alpenexpress 4 years and 1,00 m
4 - 8 years

Arena of Football - Be Part of It!

4 years and 1,00 m
4 - 8 years
Atlantica 4 years and 1,00 m
4 - 8 years
Feria Swing 4 years and 1,00 m
 4 - 10 years
Fjord-Rafting 4 years and 1,00 m 4 - 8 years    
Columbus Dinghy 4 years and 1,00 m  4 - 8 years    
Silvretta Nova Wave Swinger

4 years and 1,00 m


Vindjammer 4 years and 1,00 m
 4 - 7 years
Pegasus 4 years and 1,00 m
4 - 8 years
Crazy Taxi
3 years and 0,95 m         3 - 6 years
London Bus
0 - 6 years
Whale Adventures Splash Tours -
0 - 8 years



The most important rules for the use of the attractions:

Age and height:

There is a minimum age and body height for some of the attractions. In addition to a minimum body height, a maximum body height may also be possible for some attractions. Persons who are taller than the maximum body height, can not use these attractions. These safety restrictions are imposed by the TÜV (MOT) and have to be followed strictly. At the entrance of each attraction with a minimum body height, you will find a measurement guidance pole, where you can check if you and your children can enter the attraction.


Due to the extreme ride physics Silver Star / Blue Fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM/ WODAN-Timburcoaster features a special lap bar system built after high German Safety Standards (TÜV). Please note that guests with stronger legs or body may not be able to ride. There is a test seat for your convenience at the ride’s entrance.



Pets and objects, such as walking sticks or other bulky, pointed or lose objects, can not be taken on the rides. These objects can be dangerous for yourselves and others.



Due to safety reasons, persons under the influence of alcohol can not use any of the attractions. In addition, pregnant women and persons having trouble with the heart, back and the like can not use all of the attractions. Also persons who have mobility problems can not use all of the rides. Please pay attention to the signboards, which can be found throughout the park.


Please keep an eye on your children:

Please look after your children, because they can easily underestimate possible sources of danger.


  • Please make sure, that there is always an adult on the attraction with children.
  • When entering a circular ride, always seat your children on the inside.
  • Always keep an eye on your children.
  • Never seat or lift your children beyond the barriers on the attractions!


Safety certificate of the “TÜV Süddeutschland” for Europa-Park

Europa-Park is the first leisure park in the world that got the safety certificate of the “TÜV Süddeutschland Bau und Betrieb GmbH” (MOT). “Europa-Park convinces with the constancy and logic of its safety concept for attractions”, is the conclusion of Wilhelm Schaaf, head of the certification department for attractions of the TÜV Süddeutschland. Over 40 attractions were tested for safety, among them Europe's biggest steel roller coaster “Silver Star”.

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