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The new EUROPA Radio is not just audible, you can also experience it on site. Located in the heart of the park, in the French themed area, is Studio78, a retro charm radio studio in a 1920s look. From here, our presenters are live on air during the week, from 11am until 1pm, and from 3pm until 5pm, and from 11am until 3pm on weekends. Have a peek over the shoulders of our presenters and share your music wishes, greetings and personal Europa-Park stories with our audience!

EUROPA Radio will be available around the clock. On top of reports from all the lively happenings at Europa-Park, we will show you European diversity and make the continent audible. People, places & emotions define the varied shows. And of course, we will also have refreshing music and the soundtracks of Europa-Park for your ears.

Our EUROPA Radio offers a place to dream and tell stories. Why don't you listen in now!

The EUROPA Radio shows are currently available in German only.

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