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Veranstaltungsraum mit mehreren Stühlen weit auseinander gestellt

COVID-19 – Meet & Celebrate Safely!

The time has finally come!

Since Sunday, 3. April 2022, the new Covid regulation applies in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Many measures have now been dropped. It is our goal that you and your guests continue to feel safe and comfortable during your stay. This also applies to our Confertainment. This is why we will continue to accommodate your personal wishes. On an area of 13,000 sqm, stricter safety measures can continue to be implemented upon your wish. In addition, our new digital studio enables you to hold streaming and hybrid events.

Contact us! Together with you, we will host your next event in a safe way at Europa-Park.

The health of visitors and employees has always been a top priority for Europa-Park. As for Europa-Park, comprehensive safety and hygiene rules to minimise the risk of infection also apply at the hotel resort and with respect to the Confertainment services. Of course, events are also carried out in strict compliance with the official requirements for dealing with COVID-19. All measures are always based on the currently applicable rules and regulation of the Ortenau district and the state government of Baden-Württemberg and are dynamically adapted to the situation.

Guests are also urged to behave in accordance with the latest regulations and to only visit a Confertainment Event at Europa-Park if they are in good health.

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Our current seating plans are adapting the new distancing rules, including extended aisle widths.  

Through our event technicians, we offer live streams to different venues on site as well as the digital connection with other, off site, locations. More information regarding 'Streaming & hybrid events'

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Food & Drinks
We have adapted our gastronomic offers to the current distancing and hygiene regulations.


It is our goal that you and your guests continue to feel safe and comfortable during their stay. This also applies to Confertainment. Stricter hygiene measures are being implemented on 13,000 square metres of event space and social distancing regulations are being observed.
In addition, the technology available in all conference rooms enables working with modern means of communication and the implementation of innovative formats.

Pattern Confertainment

We are happy to create a non-binding offer for you.

Please contact our Confertainment team at +497822 771 440 0, or via email. (confertainment [at]

Our protection and hygiene rules

for a safe stay during your event at Europa-Park

Keep your distance - enough space for everyone
We have enough space to keep the necessary minimum distance of 1.50 metres.

Regular hand washing
Regular and thorough hand washing (at least 30 seconds) is essential for your hygiene.

Coughing and sneezing
Please note the sneeze and cough label. If you don't have a handkerchief to hand, hold the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing and turn away from other people. And always: wash your hands thoroughly after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing.

No shaking hands
We ask you not to shake hands, but give each other a smile instead.

Avoid cloakroom
If possible, please do not bring coats, jackets or bags into the building. For reasons of protection and hygiene, we can only offer you a limited cloakroom service. In case of doubt, you will be required to carry coats, jackets and bags with you, you will not be able to hand them in. For security reasons, we continue to randomly check bags that you carry with you.

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Use of sanitary facilities and elevators
Our toilet rooms and passenger elevators may only be used by the number of people indicated on the doors at the same time. Our staff are instructed to ensure this.

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Providing personal data
We need the first names, last names, address, telephone number and, if possible, the e-mail address of all guests during your event.

We are looking ahead
With distance markings, signs and route guidance, we help you to move around safely on our site.

Health status
Only visit if you are in good health. If you have had contact with someone infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the past 14 days, have symptoms of a respiratory tract infection or a high temperature, this unfortunately excludes a visit to Europa-Park or the event.

Smart information via the Corona app
Europa-Park recommends using the Coronavirus app of your country.


Our measures

Increased cleaning and disinfection measures
We have increased the cleaning and disinfection intervals on the entire site in accordance with the current requirements. All contact surfaces (handrails, door handles, elevators, ATMs, etc.) as well as the sanitary areas are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.

Disinfection options
You will find sufficient disinfection stands across the entire site.

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As for catering the current rules for protection and hygiene apply in accordance with the current valid Corona Ordinance Baden-Württemberg.

With our modern ventilation systems, we ensure an optimal supply of fresh air. If necessary, the automatic ventilation is supplemented by manual airing (every 20 minutes for 5 minutes).

Online registration
We recommend that you register for your event online, we also offer contactless registration on site. By registering, we ensure that the health department can quickly identify contact persons in the event of a coronavirus infection. This is an essential part of our management and control of the density of people within an event.

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Floor markings & partitions
Floor markings in all relevant areas help you comply with the social distancing rules. Our counters and bars are equipped with plexiglass panels to protect you and our staff.