Emotional music video for the Europa-Park season opening with the song Feel Free by EUROPA UNITED


There was never a more emotional clip than for this year’s season opening on 29.05.2020! The anticipation of the artists and employees is so authentic, you can actually feel it. You will not be able to stand still.

As EUROPA UNITED, the artists of Europa-Park perform as a band and dance formation for the very first time. The song Feel Free was written especially for this moment. The MackMedia (direction Jan Reiff) music video brings the song alive in sweeping pictures.

You can hear the emotional voices of Ornella De Santis and Murray Hockridge, who have been music artists at Europa-Park for many years.

The catchy tune Feel Free has been produced by Mannheim hit producers Ruben Rodriguez and Thilo Zirr and is available on CD in the Europa-Park shops and in the online shop. To the online shop