CMAK - Russian Food & Burgers

Good to know

After 20 years, the former Euromir Burger has been extensively renovated and is now called CMAK. CMAK is the Russian word for taste/pleasure.

In addition to the classic and popular burgers, the special Wodan burger, and menus, we now also offer a selection of Russian specialties such as Pelmenis with sour cream (Russian dumplings), borsch, and much more.

New: All burgers with wheat roll and 70g burger

*Please note: Restaurants may be closed due to severe weather or operational reasons.

Current information    

  • Due to the official regulations provided by authorities, it is possible that various gastronomic services may not be open. However, there will be a fantastic culinary offer in every themed area.
  • We kindly ask you, dear guests, to observe the mandatory minimum distance as well as the additional hygiene requirements which apply until further notice at Europa-Park. It is in all our interest and responsibility to follow these rules and to be considerate of one another. Further information regarding the new guidelines can be found on our info page.

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