YULLBE – the VR World's First

Due to the current situation unfortunately YULLBE will be closed from 2nd until 30th November 2020. This applies for YULLBE Mission: Rulantica, YULLBE Traumatica, YULLBE Traumatica + Live Extension as well as Scare & Dine. In case you have already purchased a ticket for this time period you will be automatically contacted by us via email. In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the YULLBE team (info@yullbe.com).


What is YULLBE?

YULLBE stands for innovative VR experiences for the whole family, where you can go beyond the limits of your usual reality and see the impossible become possible. In a virtual world in which everything around you looks deceptively real, you can suddenly see and experience things that everyday life does not offer.

Behind YULLBE is a group of ambitious VR pioneers initiated by Europa-Park Managing Director Michael Mack, who have set themselves the goal of creating a new standard for VR experiences - the YULLBE Experience! YULLBE uses the latest technologies and combines them with unprecedented media quality, enabling you to dive into unprecedented depths of virtual reality.

TIP: YULLBE offers you the perfect addition to your stay at Europa-Park, Rulantica or in one of our themed hotels. In addition, the VR experience is best combined with a visit to the evening cinema or another event at Europa-Park.

  • Opening times: YULLBE is available Mondays to Thursdays, from 6 until 10pm, and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 2 until 10pm.
  • Languages: All YULLBE experiences are offered in German, French and English.
  • Location and parking: The new YULLBE building is located between the water world Rulantica and the themed hotel 'Krønasår'. Free parking is available in the parking lot at 'Krønasår'.
  • Safety and hygiene measures: At YULLBE, we are following the latest guidelines and hygiene requirements of the state government of Baden-Württemberg. This means that a mouth-nose mask must be worn whenever you are inside the bulding. Each VR set is cleaned after each individual run, so it is ensured that all YULLBE participants receive freshly disinfected equipment. The hall's powerful ventilation system also exchanges the entire air with fresh air about twice an hour.
  • Please note: Please check respective travel restrictions before purchasing tickets, as date-specific tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. Guests who travel from a European High Risk Area, according to the Department of Social Affairs and Integration, must also provide a negative Covid-19 test which cannot be older than 48 hours at the time of entering the Federal Republic of Germany, and must keep that test for at least 14 days from the time of entry.
    Additional information can be found on our current information page.
    Information regarding our hygiene and safety measures can be found on yullbe.com.

YULLBE is available in two different versions:

YULLBE 30 – The world's first for the whole family

In the 30-minute YULLBE 30 Experiences, groups of a maximum of four/eight people solve challenges and experience their VR adventure together. You wear a VR helmet, a backpack and hand and foot trackers so that you can move freely in the virtual world. The tracking system used for YULLBE 30 is the first in the world to enable full body tracking in a free roaming VR experience for 32 people.

'Mission: Rulantica'

YULLBE 30 takes you on a very special adventure with 'Mission: Rulantica'. Experience a journey through time that goes beyond your imagination: Bartholomeus van Robbemond and Myra, the leaders of the Adventure Club of Europe, need your help! Teamwork is required, as only together you can solve the tasks and challenges to protect the source of life and defeat Svalgur and Loki.

Mission: Rulantica' is suitable for explorers aged 14+ and 140cm tall. The 30-minute VR experience is aimed at the whole family and is non-violent.

  • Mode: Group experience for up to 4 people (please note that individual groups may be filled up and you could therefore be in a group with other people)
  • Technics: YULLBE 30 (full body tracking and free roaming with helmet, backpack and hand and foot trackers)

The 'Mission: Rulantica' recruits can now face the challenges. YULLBE 30 is available with a price of €29 per person. The tickets are available online in the ticket shop. Due to the limited number of tickets, the ticket shop will display which time periods and days are already sold out.

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YULLBE 10 - The experience for individuals

While YULLBE 30 is experienced in the group, in YULLBE 10, you’ll take center stage: alone, you will master the 10-minute VR adventure and face the challenges. All you need is VR glasses.


At YULLBE ‘Traumatica’ you can expect a ten-minute horror experience that is part of the world of Traumatica. In the VR experience for visitors 18+ you will be completely on your own, fighting for your life. You are part of the military organisation 'Resistance', which has taken on the fight against the blood suckers in order to exterminate them once and for all.

Demonstrate how brave you are, Mondays - Thursdays from 6 - 10pm & Fridays - Sundays from 2 - 5.40pm. YULLBE 10 is aimed at horror fans, with a price of €12 per person. The tickets are available online now in the ticket shop.

  • Mode: Single Experience
  • Technics: YULLBE 10 (VR glasses)

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