Ultimate virtual reality experiences

The VR experience centre YULLBE, right next to the hotel 'Krønasår' and the Rulantica water world offers very special VR experiences. Embark on a journey to strange worlds and leave the reality behind with YULLBE PRO and YULLBE GO.



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What is YULLBE?

YULLBE stands for innovative VR experiences for the whole family, where you can go beyond the limits of your usual reality and see the impossible become possible. In a virtual world in which everything around you looks deceptively real, you can suddenly experience things that everyday life does not offer. YULLBE Player One: Be one of the first to experience the YULLBE Metaverse!

Behind YULLBE is a group of ambitious VR pioneers initiated by Europa-Park Managing Director Michael Mack, who have set themselves the goal of creating a new standard for VR experiences - the YULLBE Experience! YULLBE uses the latest technologies and combines them with unprecedented media quality, enabling you to dive into unprecedented depths of virtual reality.

YULLBE offers you the perfect addition to your stay at Europa-Park, Rulantica or in one of our themed hotels. In addition, the VR experience is best combined with a visit to the evening cinema or another event at Europa-Park.



YULLBE PRO – Free roaming VR experience with full body tracking.

In the 30-minute YULLBE PRO Experiences, groups of a maximum of six people solve challenges and experience their VR adventure together. You wear a VR helmet, hand and foot trackers, so that you can move freely in the virtual world. The tracking system used for YULLBE PRO is the first in the world to enable full body tracking in a free roaming VR experience for 32 people.


YULLBE GO – Free roaming VR experiences

Move freely around the room and face different challenges, equipped only with VR glasses and a hand tracker.

Participation in YULLBE GO is possible for guests aged 8+, provided the experience is not subject to a separate age restriction. Due to the intensity of the experience, YULLBE GO Traumatica is reserved for guests aged 18+.

YULLBE Experiences

Dr. G

Dr. G – Victory on Venus (YULLBE GO)

From summer 2024, visitors of Europa-Park can look forward to a new highlight at YULLBE: Developed in cooperation with five-time Oscar winner Richard Taylor (Lord of the Rings, Avatar) and Wētā Workshop Artist Greg Broadmore, 'Dr G - Victory on Venus' will take you on a thrilling adventure. The VR experience catapults you to Venus, where war is raging between the nations of Earth over colonies in the early 20th century. Your arrival is accompanied by the British Lord Cockswain. With him, you will battle giant spiders, fearsome flying aliens, escape from the mouth of a giant centipede and escape just in time from devastating explosions.

'Dr G - Victory on Venus' in the stand-alone VR attraction YULLBE expands the world of Dr. Grordbrot with a fast-paced action adventure for all visitors aged 12 and older.


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YULLBE PRO Amber Blake

Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly (YULLBE PRO)

The tough agent Amber Blake is the brainchild of Belgian super model Jade Lagardère and is currently mostly known among comic fans. With the new YULLBE PRO experience, you can experience Amber Blake up close. The plot of Operation Dragonfly is based on the third book of the comic series and is set in front of the imposing skyline of Singapore. In the fight against a mysterious villain, Amber Blake needs your support... and the mission will soon develop into a sheer thriller for your nerves.

The new YULLBE PRO experience offers an even more immersive experience and comes with many new haptic features. Before the start, the players will be equipped with a vibrating vest, VR glasses and headphones, as well as hand and foot trackers, so that they can move totally freely in the virtual world and immerse themselves in the experience.


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YULLBE GO - Phantom der Oper

The Phantom of the Opera (YULLBE GO)

Immerse yourself in a virtual opera, in which the opera singer Christine is captured by The Phantom. Against the backdrop of Andrew Lloyd Webber's powerful and timeless score, weave your way through incredible illusions and hidden portals to the Phantom's secret lair deep beneath the Paris Opera House!

This VR experience is the result of a unique collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber's team at the Really Useful Group in the UK. For the first time ever, virtual reality and the musical stage are combined. Are you ready for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure?


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YULLBE PRO "Die verrückte Schrumpftour"

Miniatur Wunderland - The Crazy Shrunken Tour (YULLBE PRO)

The 30-minute YULLBE PRO adventure ‘Miniatur Wunderland - The Crazy Shrunken Tour’ takes a dream of many model railroad fans and makes it a reality. It is sure to get hearts racing for all curious explorers aged twelve and above: In the YULLBE PRO experiences, visitors will be shrunk to one eighty-seventh of their body size and walk on an exciting journey through the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. What begins as an idyllic panoramic journey on a model railway develops into a turbulent adventure through the miniature world, during which visitors overcome challenges and face unexpected tasks as a group.


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YULLBE GO "Miniatur Wunderland - Walking in Wunderland"

Miniatur Wunderland - Walking in Wunderland (YULLBE GO)

In the middle of the famous market square of Knuffingen, one of the oldest sections in the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, the YULLBE GO experience ‘Miniatur Wunderland - Walking in Wunderland’ begins. With the help of a magic key, visitors shrink to the size of the miniature figures and bring the actual inhabitants of the Miniatur Wunderland to life. Before their can regain their normal size, however, they must first embark on an expedition from Venice to the Grand Canyon.


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YULLBE - Traumatica

Traumatica (YULLBE GO)

At YULLBE ‘Traumatica’ you can expect a ten-minute horror experience that is part of the world of Traumatica. In the VR experience for visitors 18+ you will be completely on your own, fighting for your life. You are part of the military organisation 'Resistance', which has taken on the fight against the blood suckers in order to exterminate them once and for all.


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Hangar Alpha Mods P.D.

Alpha Mods P.D. (YULLBE GO)

Be part of a special police force in the city of Ultraville, on a planet far away from earth. Chase criminals in ultra-modern cars on a wild pursuit with the 'Alpha Mods' on the central highway from Ultraville. Fasten your seatbelt, this is going to be fast!


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Das Logo der YULLBE Experience Artiality auf buntem Hintergrund, links daneben eine Frau, die eine VR Brille trägt

ARTiality - The Art Of Abstraction (YULLBE GO)

Not only fans of art will love the VR experience 'ARTiality- The Art of Abstraction'. Here, guests can experience the abstract up close and dive into the works of famous artists.


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YULLBE GO: Ed & Edda

Europa-Park: Ed & Edda's Magical Journey (YULLBE GO)

As soon as you put on the VR glasses, you will find yourself at the Europa-Park main entrance, at the top of the German Allee. You might think it is just a regular day at the park - but don't be fooled! Embark on a journey alongside Ed, Edda, Böckli and Olli and experience Europa-Park like you have never seen it before. Step through magical portals equipped with an interactive wand and become the master of the attractions. But wait, was that a dragon flying by on the horizon? 


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Eine Grafik einer Hand, die den Mond in sich hält, darüber der Mars

Moon to Mars (YULLBE GO)

Right at the beginning, the guests find themselves on a space station and enjoy a breath-taking view of planet earth - thanks to the newest VR technology, this view is not exclusive to astronauts anymore! From here, the experience 'Moon to Mars' will begin, where visitors can explore the red planet freely, play with gravity and make ground-breaking discoveries. Have you always dreamt of traveling to outer space? Then let's go to YULLBE in Rust!


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YULLBE Space Agent

Space Agent (YULLBE GO)

The YULLBE GO content 'Space Agent' transforms guests into heroes in the centre of a spectacular science fiction universe. Slip into your space suit and enter a world where you can jump through walls at the speed of sound thanks to your special suit. The outcome of a breathtaking rescue quest for a creature that can decide the fate of the entire universe is in your hands.


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YULLBE - Mission: Rulantica

Aces of ACE – Mission: Rulantica (YULLBE PRO)

YULLBE PRO takes you on a very special adventure with 'Mission: Rulantica'. Experience a journey through time that goes beyond your imagination: Bartholomeus van Robbemond and Myra, the leaders of the Adventure Club of Europe, need your help! Teamwork is required, as only together you can solve the tasks and challenges to protect the source of life and defeat Svalgur and Loki.

Mission: Rulantica' is suitable for explorers aged 12+ and 140cm tall. The 30-minute VR experience is aimed at the whole family and is non-violent.


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  • Languages: All YULLBE experiences are offered in German, French and English.
  • Location and parking: The YULLBE building is located between the water world Rulantica and the themed hotel 'Krønasår'. Free parking is available in the parking lot at 'Krønasår'.
  • Each VR set is cleaned after each individual run, so it is ensured that all YULLBE participants receive freshly disinfected equipment. The hall's powerful ventilation system also exchanges the entire air with fresh air about twice an hour.

Information regarding our hygiene and safety measures can be found on

IAAPA Brass Ring Award 2021

Best New Product: Virtual Reality