Group Visits

Europa-Park is not only the ideal family attraction but also perfect for a visit with larger groups, school classes and your social club!  

Pure fun from Italy to Iceland! At Europa-Park you don’t have to decide for one country as you can choose from 15 European themed areas at the same time! From Italy to France and Portugal up to Scandinavia and Iceland – country typical architecture, vegetation and culinary offers will transfer you directly into the land of your dreams. Design your group trip to Europa-Park even easier by using our EMOTIONS Gift Card. Find out more about advantages and terms and conditions of the card. 

Registration & information: 

  • Summer season 2020 for groups of 20 people or more: €46.00* per person 
  • No individual payment possible, the busdriver or tour organizer has to purchase all tickets for the group. Any booking made via a tour agency an address is required. 
  • You are required to register your group visit online prior to arrival: Registration form

Contact details for group entrance:

Contact details for group entrance incl. lunch / events: 

Please make sure to register your booking in writing well in advance and as soon as the date is fixed. The selected menu needs to be ordered no later than 7 days in advance of your visit. 

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*Prices incl. VAT plus handling and shipping costs.