All information about the Europa-Park Club

Due to the current decisions of the Federal Government and the federal states to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Europa-Park, the water world Rulantica, all Europa-Park Hotels, the Camp Resort, hotel gastronomy and YULLBE will close from Monday 2nd November 2020 until the 30th November 2020.

We expect Europa-Park to start its winter season on 1st December. The anniversary offer (3 free ticket per month) is still valid. Tickets can be booked from the 9th November for the winter season starting most likely on 01.12.2020. Previous Club rules stay in place.

All changes


The Current Options

Due to the strict guidelines provided by the government, such as the significant limitation of the number of visitors, unfortunately, we cannot offer our Clubcard members the usual, unlimited entry until further notice, and have to postpone this advantage until Europa-Park begins to operate as normal and without visitor limitation. As a holder of a valid Clubcard, there are two options available to you:

Option 1: Automatic Extension + Free Tickets

  • In the transition period, holders of a valid Clubcard have the option to obtain a free ticket for Europa-Park in the ticket shop, 3x per calendar month - depending on availability. The free tickets will also be offered during the winter season 2020/21. Please pay attention to the conditions and requirements underr 'Free ticket in the ticket shop'.
  • As soon as Europa-Park begins to operate as normal (meaning, without visitor limitation), the Clubcard - depending on the individual, regular expiration date - will be automatically extended by the number of closing days as well as days of the transition period, if applicable. Possible closing days in January until March 2021 (normal breaks between the Summer & Winter season), will be excluded from the calculation, so that you can make complete use of the cancelled visiting days of the Summer Season 2020. You can find more information and calculation examples under validity & extension.

Option 2: Refund

  • In case you don't want to make use of option 1, we are offering you the alternative to refund the amount of the remaining running time of your Clubcard. You can find further information about this under the section Refund.


Free ticket in the Ticket Shop

As a Clubcard member you can obtain a free ticket in the ticket shop, 3x per calendar month - depending on availability. The visiting days can be chosen within the individual running time of your Clubcard and don't need to be in the same month. The tickets are excluded from cancelation.

As a thank you for your loyalty, we are offering an anniversary promotion to all club card owners whose card expired after 27.03.2020. More information about the anniversary promotion

Free tickets for the winter season (expected from 01.12.2020 until 10.01.2021) will be available in the ticket shop from the 09.11.2020 during the course of the day.

We assume that today is 13.06.2020, and your Clubcard is still valid until 01.09.2020, therefore your preferred visiting dates can be between 13.06.2020 and 01.09.2020. As a Clubcard member, you are eligible to one free ticket, 3x per calendar month - depending on the running time of your Clubcard and ticket availability. For the chosen example, this would mean that the next booking would be possible on 01.07.2020, if you have already used all 3 available visiting dates.

Please note that various days may no longer be available. If a visiting day is planned for a Wednesday and the card would normally expire on Monday, then the Clubcard membership is unfortunately no longer active and free entry is no longer possible.

This is how you book your free tickets in the ticket shop:

  • Log in to the ticket shop. If you do not have an account in the ticket shop yet, you can sign up here in the ticket shop.
  • As a registered user, you can find 'Your account' in the navigation bar on the left, and further the tab 'tTckets for club members', or simply click on this link:
  • Insert your Clubcard number and your date of birth to verify as an active club member.
  • Then simply select your preferred date, and 'purchase' free of charge.

If you want to use the free Clubcard tickets and additionaly buy date-specific tickets or exchange existing tickets, we recommend that you do so in two separate steps in the ticket shop.

The valid Clubcard as well as the free Clubcard ticket must be present on site at Europa-Park.


Can I book my 3 free tickets per calendar month in one go in the ticket shop?
Unfortunately, this is not possible in one session as you will have to complete the booking for each ticket individually. The ticket shop does however offer the possibility to complete 3 orders back to back.

Can I use multiple Clubcards in one ticket shop account? How does that work?
Yes, you can insert multiple valid Clubcard numbers after another: After you have added a ticket to your basket, you can verify another Clubcard, by clicking 'log in with another Clubcard', and redeem the ticket. You can repeat this process until all tickets are in the basket. You can then proceed to the check-out as usual. Surcharges will not apply, and you will receive a confirmation to your email address. 

Families with Clubcards - How are tickets for the same date guaranteed for families, in which everyone has a Clubcard, during the limited opening period?
Currently, we cannot guarantee this. The offer of three visits per month for club members, with a valid Clubcard, during the opening with visitor limitation, is based on a ticket quota, which is limited daily. If this number is exceeded, we cannot offer more club members free entry on this day. In the ticket shop, availability is indicated for one ticket only. If there are no more tickets for your preferred date, then you can delete your reserved tickets from the basket, and select a new date.

My Clubcard is not being accepted.
Please check the validity of your Clubcard: If your Clubcard has expired, for example, on 04.06.2020, you cannot use the free ticket for June on 05.06.2020. If you have any questions, please contact

If I want to visit Europa-Park for 1 or more days, and purchase the ticket online, will my Clubcard be extended by the same days, or will one day each be subtracted?
This will not effect the extension of your Clubcard.

Can I charge purchased tickets, during the limited opening period, to my Clubcard?
No, this is not possible.

How do I get my free tickets?
The Clubcard tickets can be obtained online in the ticket shop for free. Obtaining the free Clubcard tickets via phone call, email, or on-site is not possible. The valid Clubcard as well as the free Clubcard tickets must be presented on-site at Europa-Park.


Anniversary offer to celebrate the 45th birthday of Europa-Park

As a thank you for your loyalty and to celebrate our anniversary season ’45 Years Europa-Park’, we offer all Clubcard members, who's Clubcard has expired after 27.03.2020 or will expire by 10.01.2021, the opportunity to book three free tickets per months for yourself until the end of the winter season (10.01.2021) online in the ticket shop.

We look forward to welcome you in the winter season (expected 01.12.2020 until 10.01.2021). The tickets are expected to be available from 09.11.2020 in the ticket shop.

You can check the expiry date of your Clubcard online by entering your Clubcard number and your date of birth - to the check

Limitations regarding the offer:

  • The expiry date must be later than 27.03.2020 (planned start of the season)
  • The remaining value of your Clubcard has not been refunded

This offer is not valid during the current summer season, including Halloween.

If you have any questions regarding your Clubcard, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please fill in the Club form to do so. We will get in touch as soon as possible. To the Club form


Validity & Extension

'Valid Clubcards' are cards that normally expire after the visiting date: The closing dates, and the number of days of the visitor limitation period, do not effect the regular expiration date.

Clubcards that have expired during the closing period, or during the transition period, will automatically be extended - depending on the regular expiration date - by the number of closing, or transition days, until its expiration date, as soon as Europa-Park begins to operate as normal (without visitor limitation). Potential closing days between January and March 2021 (the regular break between the winter and the summer season) are excluded from the calculation, so that you can use all of the closing days.

Some examples to follow.

Example: The Clubcard expired on 15.04.2020

Result: The card is currently invalid, and the free tickets (3x per month) are no longer available.

There will be an extension as soon as Europa-Park begins to operate as normal. For this example, we will assume a regular opening from 01.09.2020.

  • 28.03.2020 Planned opening of Europa-Park
  • 15.04.2020 Expiration date
  • 01.09.2020 Regular opening of Europa-Park (fictitious date)

The card has been extended by 19 days (28.03.2020 - 15.04.2020), and would have been valid until 19.09.2020.


New Purchase & Extension

An extension or new purchase of a Clubcard is currently not possible. If your Clubcard is not valid anymore, you can purchase a day-specific ticket in the ticket shop.

When will new Clubcards be issued again, or when can I extend my existing Clubcard?
Be assured that we want to offer you the well known service as soon as possible. We are currently investigating several options that will allow us to offer new Clubcards as well as extend existing ones. Please bear with us while we work on this.



If you would like a refund, please fill out this form, and send it to us. You have the following options for this:

  • Via email at
  • Via fax at +49 7822 77-14 205
  • Via mail to
    Europa-Park GmbH & Co. Mack KG
    Europa-Park Club Team
    2 Europa-Park Straße
    77977 Rust

The form needs to be filled out for each Clubcard. A form per family is unfortunately not sufficient.

The remaining balance will be transferred to the bank account you have provided.

Please note that your Clubcard will become invalid in case of a refund and cannot be extended again. If you would like to benefit from the Club advantages once the time of limited capacity is over, we will be happy to issue a new Clubcard for you on site at Europa-Park.
The cancelled Clubcard can still be used as a gift card and your balance will remain available to be used as normal.

Our teams are on-hand to get back to you as soon as possible. Due to a higher volume of inquiries, the process may take longer than usual. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause

Until when can I decide between the two options (extending or refund)?
A refund is only possible of you haven't taken advantage of option 1 (extension): option 1 offers the possibility to visit the park for free 3 times per calendar month during the opening with limited capacity (subject to availability) and the automatic extension of the Clubcard for the regular opening of Europa-Park. Therefore, option 2 (refund) can only be chosen if you haven't yet used your Clubcard during the limited opening period.

Calculate the remaining balance

You can calculate the remaining balance of your Clubcard as follows:

Your Clubcard price (including Parking-pass, if applicable) / number of the days in the year x number of the remaining days, including 17.03.2020 (date of the government regulation regarding closure)


  • Regular expiration date: 10.04.2020
  • Number of the remaining days, including 17.03.2020: 25 days
  • Price: €210.00
  • Price per day = €0.58 (€210.00/365 days)
  • Remaining balance: 25 * €0.58 = €14.50

Can I transfer the amount of my remaining days/ amount onto an EMOTIONS gift card?
No, this is currently not possible.


Accommodation + Clubcard

With a valid Clubcard

Clubcard members who have booked an overnight stay in one of our themed hotels, or the Camp Resort, will be able to access Europa-Park free of charge with their valid Clubcard, during their planned stay. Please notify us when checking in that you would like to visit Europa-Park during your stay with your Clubcard. 

The Europa-Park Camping is excluded from this regulation, and it is required to purchase day-specific tickets in the ticket shop to visit Europa-Park.


With invalid (expired) Clubcard

As a thank you for your loyalty and to celebrate our anniversary season ’45 Years Europa-Park’, we offer all Clubcard members, who's Clubcard has expired after 27.03.2020 or will expire by 10.01.2021, the opportunity to book three free tickets per months for yourself until the end of the winter season (10.01.2021) online in the ticket shop. If you would like to stay for more than three days in one of our hotels or the Camp Resort, you can add tickets to your stay by calling +49 7822 865 679.

Please note, that you can't book free tickets at the respective receptions.

This offer is valid from 09.11.2020 until 10.01.2021 and does not apply to people who have requested a refund of their Clubcard.


Parking pass

The parking pass cannot be used during the limited opening period.
The extension of the parking pass is based on your Clubcard.


Club Card advantages

Can I continue to visit the partner parks, with my valid Clubcard?
Unfortunately, a visit to our partner theme parks with your Clubcard, as well as a visit to Europa-Park from annual pass holders from other partner theme parks, is currently not possible until further notice.

What are the offers, such as discounts, in the restaurants, etc. for Clubcard members?
Offers for Clubcard members will be activated as soon as Europa-Park begins to operate as normal.


The offer onsite in Europa-Park

You can find all information about the hygiene & safety rules as well as the attractions, shows, restaurants and events, on the general info page


We are here for you

If you have any questions regarding your Clubcard, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please fill in the Club form to do so. We will get in touch as soon as possible. To the Club form


Subject to change.

This information is constantly updated.
Subject to change.
Last updated on: 30.10.2020