Training offer for all age groups in the areas of dance, acrobatics, music, art & mindset

Katja Mack founded the TALENT ACADEMY in 2014. The aim is to offer a training platform for all age groups in the areas of dance, acrobatics, music, art & mindset and to promote them through national and international competitions, workshops & master classes as well as through their own show creations.

Since creativity should never fail due to financial means, Katja launched the sponsorship association "Talent Foundation e.V." in 2017 to financially support ambitious and motivated members of the TALENT ACADEMY.

The TALENT ACADEMY is a magical place for learning and experiencing, not least because of its location at Europa-Park, where creative talents are not only discovered and developed, but also brought to the stage. Highly qualified coaches recognise potential and cater to the needs of the talents. Events, shows and competitions take the practical relevance of the TALENT ACADEMY Europa-Park to the next level.


The five areas of the TALENT ACADEMY

Find your passion in the areas of dance, acrobatics, music, art & mindset!

Whether ballet, hip hop, contemporary, flamenco or any other style of dance, dancing is the hidden language of the soul and a beautiful way to express yourself without words.

When a tumble turns into a somersault or throwing objects into a perfect juggling act, then we are talking about acrobatics! At the TALENT ACADEMY you can get professional training in juggling, handstands, aerial acrobatics and much more.

Music is the language that everyone understands. Whether with cool beats, soft or loud sounds or on your own musical instrument. Music on, head off!

Aspiring artists can give free rein to their creativity in cartoon design & sketching as well as in painting & drawing, while acting and mimodrama encourage a different kind of expression.

At the TALENT ACADEMY, the focus is on people, and in the mindset area we help you to grow beyond yourself.

Broadway Dreams Camp

In cooperation with the Broadway Dreams Foundation, the Broadway Dreams Camp takes place every year.

Out of a TALENT ACADEMY initiative, the internationally renowned 'Broadway Dreams Foundation' and Europa-Park have been cooperating since 2018.

During the first 'Broadway Dreams Camp' in Europe, internationally selected participants had the chance to take part in the musical theatre intensive course with popular Broadway teachers, choreographers and directors from New York, before showcasing their talent during a spectacular final show in the stylish Europa-Park Teatro.

Since its opening, the Talent Academy has been able to achieve several accomplishments. Members of the Europa-Park TALENT ACADEMY were able to contribute 2 acts to the international TV production 'Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards', as well as show acts for TV shows 'Superkids', 'Das Supertalent' and 'Little Big Stars'.

Many awards and prizes have been brought back to Rust from a number of international competitions. The group 2K.UP. became German champion at the Hip-Hop International competition in Hannover in 2019, with the K. Crew in the runner up position. in 2017 and 2019, members of the Talent Academy participated in the World Hip-Hop Dance Championships in Phoenix, USA. 'Trio Bellini' came first in the 2019 Dance World Cup in the 'Acrobatic' category. Further awards have been won in ice skating and painting competitions.

Besides the range of competitions, the children can also demonstrate their talent in the 'Surprise on Ice' show and in the 'Talent Show'.

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