Equipment & Decoration

Service & Technique

Standard equipment
Per conference room, we offer each piece of equipment once without charge. The prices for additional equipment are as follows (per day):

Screen approx. 2.00 m x 2.00 m starting at €140 each
Pin board €26 each
Flip-chart board
(provided with pens and a 10 sheet flip-chart pad)
€26 each
Writing pads and pens free of charge
Telephone (additional installation) €45 each


Room decoration                                    on request
Music on request
Table bouquet, elaborate                                       starting at €22 each
Menu cards free of charge
Place cards €1 a piece
Hostess on request
Photographer on request
Technician €46 per hour
We will be glad to organise further services according to your wishes.

Additional technical equipment

Stage €30 per sqm
Dance hall €25 per sqm
Speaker's desk €45 each
Beamer starting at €180 each                               
Screen starting at €120 each
Microphone (hand, table, clip or wireless microphone)                                                                       €70 each
Sound and light system on request
Simultaneous interpretation system on request
Wireless lan on request
We will be glad to organise more technical equipment on demand.


Subject to change.