Soirée "La Cigale"

French lifestyle and cuisine is an absolute delight to everyone who has ever had the pleasure to experience it first hand. You, too, can treat yourself to this pleasure.

Visit us in the Bistro 'La Cigale'. We will greet you with a glass of Kir or Crémant as an apéritif. And then, an exquisite 4-course menu awaits you, completed with the ideally paired French wines.

You can enjoy all this in the enchanting atmosphere of our film set street, accompanied by performances from the racy Cancan ensemble. The entire evening programme mirrors that special flair of the French "savoir-vivre", featuring Charleston and stunning artistry. 

You can book the French evening for groups of 60 persons and over. The following services are provided:  

Arrangement price per guest: €60.50*

You will also have to pay an amount of 400.00 EUR for the extra room preparation costs of the Bistro 'La Cigale'.

Drinks can be booked at a flat rate, including an aperitif, or will be charged according to consumption.

Supplementary services: 

  • Soirée 'La Cigale' & Menu 'Pigalle': €70.50 pp*
  • Soirée 'La Cigale' & Menu 'Parisienne': €70.50 pp* 
  • Round off your menu with a selection of French cheeses: €7.00 pp*

*Prices incl. VAT plus handling and shipping costs.