Spanish Fiesta

Viva la Vida – three cheers on life! As the evening air cools down, people get together below palms in little squares and bodegas, chat about their day and savour a cool Sangria. Viva la Vida! 

Come along, enjoy a Mediterranean evening in a Spanish athmosphere. Make yourself comfortable in our locations in the Spanish-themed area. Here, exquisite Spanish specialities await you, along with Spanish wines, fiery dances and artistic shows.

After this delicious menu, stroll through the Spanish quarter, across the "Plaza de Toros" and passing the Arena. Let your fiesta draw to a close by flickering torchlight at the hotel bar "El Circo" for a real taste of "Viva la Vida".

For groups of 40 persons and over, the following options ensure an ideal celebration:

Arrangement price per guest: €66.50*

Please consider that you will have to pay an extra-charge for the room allocation costs in addition to the package price.

Drinks can be booked at a flat rate, including an aperitif, or will be charged according to consumption.

Supplementary services:

Reservation & Information:

Tel.: +49 7822 77 14400

*Prices incl. VAT plus handling and shipping costs.