Spanish-Moorish Night

East meets West: a mix of contrasting cultures for a fantastic evening in spellbinding athmosphere.
Prepare to be enchanted by magical aromas and hypnotic dancing while you savour a 4-course menu. Let us carry you off to a world of mysterious beauty and dream-like charm.
Our arrangement, available by appointment for groups of 60 and over, really is a dream-come-true:

Arrangement price per guest: €59.50*

Number of people: at least 60 people

Please consider that you will have to pay an extra-charge for the room allocation costs in addition to the package price.

Drinks can be booked at a flat rate, including an aperitif, or will be charged according to consumption.

Supplementary services:


For booking (advance payment required) call: 07822 860-5678.
Please email with any general enquiries.

Tip for groups under 60 people

On selected dates, you will have the opportunity to visit Spanish-Moorish Night – an evening event that otherwise can only be booked for groups of 60 people or more. These dates can be found in the. event calender.

The reception with aperitif will take place in the lobby of our themed hotel El Andaluz on the stated dates at 7pm. Afterwards, you will be accompanied to the evening event in the Bodega.

*Prices incl. VAT