Restaurant Sala Santa Isabel

Restaurant Sala Santa Isabel

Enjoy Portuguese flair

The Sala Santa Isabel restaurant combines a monastic and Mediterranean ambience to create a fascinating culinary experience. Enjoy an exclusive evening buffet with specialities and delicacies refined with herbs and spices from our monastery garden. The monks will be happy to serve you a fresh beer from the monastery's own brewery and the wine list will help you discover exquisite wines from all over the world.

Smaller team events in an intimate setting are ideal for this venue.

  • Overview
  • Seating
  • Technology, light & media
Hotel 'Santa Isabel'
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129 persons
Room area
250 m²
360° view
Banquet seating
129 people
Special equipment
  • Air conditioning
  • At ground level
  • Additional outdoor area
  • Daylight
  • Stepless adjustable light
  • Installable microphone equipment
  • WiFi connection
  • 220V connection

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