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Listen to the latest podcasts on your way home and enjoy the best entertainment on your sofa with the fantastic films from MACK Magic und MACK Media - all possible on one platform! Whether Ed and Edda, Madame Freudenreich and her dinos or the adventures of the Adventure Club of Europe - with VEEJOY, the Europa-Park magic can be experienced anywhere, anytime.

VEEJOY is available in German, French and English and the majority of content is free. The streaming platform can conveniently be used via your MackOne account.

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The current VEEJOY highlights

Europa-Park Coastiality auf VEEJOY

Experience Coastiality at home

Experience the Europa-Park VR adventures on VEEJOY

The thrill of a rollercoaster ride combined with a unique VR experience: Coastiality combines two exciting experiences to create a very special form of entertainment. Because right at the start of the rollercoaster ride, you find yourself in a film! Become part of a fascinating story in virtual reality and at the same time experience the excitement as the ride goes up and down at breakneck speed. This experience is full of surprises, entices you with physically tangible thrills and offers twice the fun.

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Stéphane à l'Ouest

Stéphane à l'Ouest – Nothing new in the East

Stéphane Bulcourt has been a comedian at Europa-Park for almost 30 years. Guests can find him in the Spanish Arena doing the horse stunts or at the 'Dinner Show' in the Europa-Park Teatro.

With a lot of humour and situation comedy, the actor wins the hearts of the audience.
On stage... and now also in a humorous web series specially created for him, in which he explores the typical German-French peculiarities of the border region with his inimitable style.

The series is in French with German subtitles.

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How to become a monster

VEEJOY documentary series: How to become a monster in 90 days

Monster maker Bill McCoy is on a quest to create the ultimate horror experience for 'Traumatica'. With the help of his team, he wants to create the perfect monster. To do this, he is developing a special horror boot camp in which talented amateur actors learn the art of scaring in 90 days and transform themselves into real monsters with the help of Hollywood make-up.

From 14. September, there will be a new episode of the five-part documentary series every Thursday on VEEJOY.

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3 gegen Knossi

Show ‘3 against Knossi’


Will Knossi be able to hold his own against three highly motivated opponents? He is sure: Yes! In the VEEJOY show '3 against Knossi', Jastin Schatz (aka 'Fakkt'), Dominique Lucien Critelli and Sarah Desor compete against the 'King' in Europa-Park and Rulantica. Who will manage to beat Knossi over the course of four episodes? There is a big prize to be won: an unforgettable weekend at the Europa-Park Resort!

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Motiv des Podcastformats The World Beyond

“The World Beyond – Michael Mack and his Emotioneers of Tomorrow” brought to you by Michael Mack

Take an exclusive peek into the future and tune in to Michael Mack's exciting English-language podcast!

Travelling to other planets, cool hoverboards, constant monitoring by artificial intelligence – what will our future be like? Find out now and join Michael Mack, managing partner of the "best theme park worldwide" on this exciting time travel adventure. Leading experts, courageous entrepreneurs, professors and future-shaping inventors of various areas of expertise are now exclusively revealing everything you’ve always wanted to know about the world of tomorrow!

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DJ Bobo Konzert

DJ BoBo concert 2023 - 'EVOLUT3ON'

Experience the world premiere of DJ BoBos new tour on VEEJOY now!

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Amber Blake

Amber Blake

Watch our sneak peek to find out how Jade Lagardère's 2D comic series 'Amber Blake' was turned into a 3D-VR adventure and look behind the scenes of the production in our making of documentary of the new YULLBE PRO experience.


The Construction Documentary

Europa-Park continues to grow! Over the course of the next months, one of the most modern and spectacular rollercoasters in Europe will be developed in Germany’s most popular theme park.

Winner of the “Best of Content Marketing Award 2023” in Gold

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Die Europa-Park Geschichte

The Europa-Park Story

In the exclusive VEEJOY series, we take a look at the success story of the Europa-Park Resort, from its first beginnings up to today.

For the first time, the history of the family business is detailed in pictures and sound recordings, revealing plenty of well-protected secrets in the process.

In the second season, we'll introduce special personalities who have had an impact on the Europa-Park story.

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Silver Star Onride

On ride videos

Do you want to experience the adrenaline rush of Silver Star, blue fire Megacoaster or Wodan - Timburcoaster at home? Enjoy the nostalgia of the Pirates in Batavia or the Alpenexpress Enzian on your sofa? Enjoy a splashing ride on Atlantica SuperSplash and the Tyrolean Log Flume even in the cold winter? Our on ride videos make this possible and are already spreading anticipation for your next visit to Europa-Park!

Tip: POV Coaster 2024

Take a first look at the new rollercoaster in the first POV video! 

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Making of Eatrenalin

From the first idea via the construction all the way to the opening: Learn about exciting background information and tons of interesting facts about our restaurant world-first Eatrenalin!

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Mack & Bojsen

Mack & Bojsen

Accompany Thomas Mack and TV chef Brian Bojsen on a culinary journey through Europe as they find a dish from each region to bring to Europa-Park, the themed hotels or Rulantica.

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Making of Piraten in Batavia

The making-of: Pirates in Batavia

We have accompanied the building works of the cult attraction Pirates in Batavia: Exclusive glances behind the scenes, conversations with the people responsible, exciting background stories and unique pictures are awaiting you.

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Nachts im Park

Movie fun with Ed & Edda

In the first film adventure 'The Mystery of Balthazar Castle', Ed & Edda, together with their friends, solve the mystery of the historic castle at Europa-Park. This requires a lot of courage! In 'The Time Carousel', the second big-screen adventure, the brave heroes are sent on an exciting journey through time by the evil Night Crab. The journey takes them from Switzerland via Paris to Waldkirch, where they meet Master Mack! In 'Chaos in Wonderland', the Night Crab is up to mischief and throws Europa-Park into chaos with a stolen artefact. Will Ed & Edda manage to stop him? Find out!

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Experience. Time. Together.

In this podcast series, you get to hear the best of the latest news and infos from the last 14 days at Europa-Park. Short and to the point. Including all infos on upcoming events, VIP interviews, background stories and exciting views behind the scenes of Germany's largest theme park.

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Wir sprechen Europa

We speak Europe – The talk at Europa-Park

We are Europe! We share the enthusiasm for sports, cuisine, entertainment, new inventions and a fascination for entertainment, theme parks and the circus. The talk at Europa-Park is made up of five episodes in which these topics are examined and discussed by experienced personalities from respective areas.

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Happy Family

4D adventure with the eerily funny Happy Family

Dive into the eerily funny world of the Happy Family by best-selling author David Safier in this adventure movie by MACK Media. The 12-minute animation film promises fun for young and old. A seemingly harmless ghost train ride turns into a ridiculous and spooky adventure. Will our Happy Family find a happy ending? See for yourself.

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Adventure Club of Europe Logo

Adventure Club of Europe

Myths, legends and artefacts - The Adventure Club of Europe investigates the unbelievable of this world. For the first time in its longstanding history, it allows access to its secret archives and shares its knowledge with the broader public.

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Old Man and his dream

Franz Mack - The Old Man and his Dream

The short movie shows, why Franz Mack was so special. A homage to the founder of Europa-Park and his vision.

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Europa-Park Gründer Franz Mack

100 years Franz Mack

On 7th March 2021, Franz Mack, founder of Europa-Park, would have been 100 years old. On this occasion, his sons and grandchildren speak about the time with him and about the development of Germany's largest theme park.

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