Heinrich del Core - „Ganz arg wichtig“

24.05.19 Friday 20:00 pm
Ballsaal Berlin

With the Swabian charm of a real half-Italian, Heinrich del Core, in his new comedy show 'Ganz arg wichtig! (Very Important!)', describes everyday curiosities with so much detail, you may wonder whether you have actually been there yourself.

Please note that the show will be performed in German.

  • Doors open: 7pm
  • Start: 8pm
  • End: approx. 10pm

For tickets please call +49 (0) 7822 77 6697, visit an Information Office at Europa-Park, or ask at a hotel reception. Subject to change. VAT included, plus handling fee and postage.

Subject to change.

*Prices incl. VAT plus handling and shipping costs.

Prices & Tickets

27,00 EUR p.P.*

Tickets available at:
+49 7822 77 6697

Tickets are available.

Location in the park