Europa-Park Dinner-Show

First-class show and culinary seduction

Look forward to an unforgettable evening at Europa-Park Teatro! A show full of surprises and spectacular performances awaits you, which is all about 'La Dolce Vita'. Enjoy the exquisite 4-course menu created exclusively for the Europa-Park Dinner-Show by our 2* Michelin chef Peter Hagen-Wiest from ‘Ammolite - The Lighthouse Restaurant’.

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The offer includes

Almost four hours show experience
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Exquisite 4-course gala dinner
Admission to Europa-Park

from 5pm during the season

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Free parking

at the Europa-Park visitor car park

Free cloakroom

From €130.00¹ per person

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01.12.23 Friday - 7:30pm
02.12.23 Saturday - 7:30pm
03.12.23 Sunday - 7:30pm
06.12.23 Wednesday - 7:30pm
08.12.23 Friday - 7:30pm (soldout)
09.12.23 Saturday - 7:30pm (soldout)
10.12.23 Sunday - 7:30pm
11.12.23 Monday - 7:30pm
14.12.23 Thursday - 7:30pm
17.12.23 Sunday - 7:30pm
20.12.23 Wednesday - 7:30pm
21.12.23 Thursday - 7:30pm
22.12.23 Friday - 7:30pm
23.12.23 Saturday - 7:30pm
25.12.23 Monday - 7:30pm
26.12.23 Tuesday - 7:30pm
28.12.23 Thursday - 7:30pm
29.12.23 Friday - 7:30pm
30.12.23 Saturday - 7:30pm
01.01.24 Monday - 7:30pm
04.01.24 Thursday - 7:30pm
05.01.24 Friday - 7:30pm
06.01.24 Saturday - 7:30pm
07.01.24 Sunday - 7:30pm
11.01.24 Thursday - 7:30pm
12.01.24 Friday - 7:30pm
13.01.24 Saturday - 7:30pm
14.01.24 Sunday - 7:30pm
17.01.24 Wednesday - 7:30pm
19.01.24 Friday - 7:30pm
20.01.24 Saturday - 7:30pm
21.01.24 Sunday - 7:30pm
23.01.24 Tuesday - 7:30pm
24.01.24 Wednesday - 7:30pm
25.01.24 Thursday - 7:30pm
27.01.24 Saturday - 7:30pm
28.01.24 Sunday - 7:30pm
30.01.24 Tuesday - 7:30pm
31.01.24 Wednesday - 7:30pm
01.02.24 Thursday - 7:30pm
02.02.24 Friday - 7:30pm
03.02.24 Saturday - 7:30pm
04.02.24 Sunday - 7:30pm
10.02.24 Saturday - 7:30pm
11.02.24 Sunday - 7:30pm
14.02.24 Wednesday - 7:30pm
15.02.24 Thursday - 7:30pm
16.02.24 Friday - 7:30pm
17.02.24 Saturday - 7:30pm
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Order of evening

From 5 pm on: Free admission to Europa-Park on the day of the event (during the season of Europa-Park)

From 6pm: admission to the Berlin Ball Room

7.30pm: start of the Europa-Park Dinner-Show at the Europa-Park Teatro

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Dear guests, we ask for your understanding that the available table sizes in the Europa-Park Teatro may not allow us to seat all groups of more than 8 people at one table - thank you.

You don't want to miss out on this unique show experience? Then book your tickets now.

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Drinks package

Simply add it


Alcoholic drinks

Selected wines, beer, mineral water, soft drinks and hot drinks - valid until the end of the show

For €35.00¹ per person


Non-alcoholic drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks accompanying the meal from Manufaktur Jörg Geiger, soft drinks, mineral water and hot drinks - valid until the end of the show.

For €30.00¹ per person


Cocktail package

The cocktail package includes three cocktails of your choice, which can be freely selected from the cocktail menu at the event.

For €29.00¹ per person


If no drinks package is booked, all drinks must be paid for on site.


Tip: The alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage package is already included in category 1 of the Europa-Park Dinner-Show event ticket.

Our ingredients for a unique evening

Maisie Humpray

An entertaining show programme

Be excited and look forward to a spectacular show programme with 26 world-class artists. We promise: The new Europa-Park Dinner-Show is guaranteed to be unique!


An exquisite 4-course dinner

Our 2* Michelin chef Peter Hagen-Wiest from ‘Ammolite - The Lighthouse Restaurant’ has once again worked his magic and composed a 4-course meal that is like a great show in itself: refined, imaginative, surprising!

Das Europa-Park Teatro

A breathtaking location

An evening in our Europa-Park Teatro: Simply unforgettable! Enjoy fantastic and inspiring hours in our splendid, Italian baroque theatre.


Group booking

from 20 people 

The perfect event for large and small groups

Europa-Park Dinner-Show with overnight stay

Exclusive evening and 1 dreamlike overnight stay

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Europa-Park Dinner-Show

The Event Ticket for the Europa-Park Dinner-Show

Category 1 from € 225,00 2

Category 2 from € 145,00 2

Category 3 from € 130,00 2

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Do you have further questions regarding the Europa-Park Dinner-Show?

To the FAQ page

Three categories

In 2023, the Europa-Park Dinner-Show event ticket will be available in three categories, which differ in terms of seating and additional services.

All three categories include:

  • Culinary pampering programme with a four-course menu by 2-star Michelin chef Peter Hagen-Wiest from Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant
  • 4 hours of grandiose show experience with 26 international artists and performers
  • Great live music, excellent entertainment
  • Free admission to Europa-Park from 5pm on the day of the event (during the Europa-Park season)
  • Free parking
  • Free cloakroom

Differences between the three categories

Category 1 
Perfect view of the stage (seated in the centre of the hall) incl. alcohol-free or alcoholic drinks package, champagne aperitif, high-quality amuse bouche, coffee and confectionery, digestif or cocktail

Category 2
Perfect view of the stage incl. mineral water package

Category 3 
Side or rear seating in the hall, unobstructed view of the stage incl. mineral water package