• Dinner-Show im Europa-Park 2023

The show programme

A look back at the 2023/2024 season

'Welcome to Hotel Romantica'
Last season, an unforgettable journey to the Italy of days gone by provided an evening full of joie de vivre and happiness. Guests were able to immerse themselves in a time when people travelled from all over the world to experience the warm hospitality and Mediterranean flair of Bella Italia. First-class artists and dancers conjured up the stories with top acrobatic performances on stage - putting the audience right in the middle of the action, into 'La Dolce Vita'.

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Artists 2023/2024

Kay Scheffel

Kay Scheffel

The ultimate laughing muscle workout

Rarely have I laughed so much:
this flippant saying could be Kay Scheffel's life motto. The parodist, comedian and entertainer launches a frontal attack on your laughing muscles. One of Germany's most renowned ventriloquists, he writes poetry, pokes fun, surprises with Heinz Erhard songs and brings 120,000 grams of highly explosive humour to the stage. We strongly warn you, you may get sore muscles!

Duo Olmos


Flying Spaniards

For us, it's just a seesaw, like the ones we all remember from the playground. Two brothers from Spain, Rafa and Paco Olmos, turn the seesaw into a unique artistic spectacle. As the duo ARTE ALGO, they thrill with high-risk jumps, somersaults with countless twists and turns, as well as lots of mischief and fun!

Duo Shscherbak

Duo Shcherbak-Popov

Summersault faszinale

The two Ukrainian artists Nikolay Shcherbak and Anatolii Boiko present partner acrobatics with speed and power in an incredibly charming way. There are lifts, swings, somersaults and, of course, lots of fascinated, amazed faces. Two-time world and European champions, the acrobatic duo show what the human body is capable of - provided it is as well trained as Nikolay and Anatolii's.

Polina Karvovskaya

Polina Karvovskaya

Full of acrobatics instead of foam.

Passionate music, sensual movements and powerful acrobatics merge into one. Polina Karvovskaya radiates a touch of sensuality. The beautiful artist brings together a unique combination of acrobatics, dance and pole dance elements and combines elegance and aesthetics with absolute body control.

Naoto Okada

Naoto Okada

World champion like are with toys

Naoto Okada transforms the colourful children's toy yo-yo into a fascinatingly dynamic performance full of music and finesse. As the multiple world champion spins and flies his yo-yos, you will experience absolute precision, perfect timing and incredible speed. Grade 1, with distinction!

Christopher Togni

Christopher Togni

Balance in Slow-Motion

Handstand acrobat Christopher Togni is part of the famous 'Togni' circus family and impresses with his unparalleled body control. Each move is performed slowly, almost in slow motion and with absolute perfection. Powerful, but at the same time light and relaxed. It's like being in a dream that you never want to stop.

Flight of Passion

Flight of Passion

Breath-taking aerial spectacle

When Flight of Passion swings through the air on straps, the room suddenly falls silent. The Ukrainian aerial duo fascinates with their romantic and expressive choreography high above the heads of the audience. It is a wonderful blend of aesthetics, harmony and absolute body control, which has already won them an award at the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.

Stéphane Bulcourt

Stéphane Bulcourt

Monsieur Catastrophe

Stéphane Bulcourt is the ultimate chaos. Wherever the French entertainer appears, things go haywire. Once he gets going, there's no stopping him. Monsieur Catastrophe is the man for impossible situations. Whenever there is a rattle, a clatter or a clang, Stéphane is never far away. The best thing is to experience it yourself. But don't say we didn't warn you.


Europa-Park Showballett

Shake a leg

The only standards for the Europa-Park Showballet are the classic slow waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, fox trot, slow fox and quickstep: everything else is a wild journey through breath-taking choreography. The international ensemble not only impresses with its flawless aesthetics and captivating dynamics, but also with its vibrant colourful costumes - whether as a duo or in a large show cast.


The story

Europa-Park Dinner Show "Welcome to Hotel Romantica"
Join the owner of a once magnificent hotel as he reminisces and brings the aging building back to its former charm and splendour.
Wistfully, he tells of the old days, of happy hours at the hotel bar, balmy summer nights in the idyllic hotel garden and the exuberant parties - filled with amusing anecdotes.

Live music & vocals 2023/2024

Maisie Humpray

Maisie Humphreys

The angel and her voice
Close your eyes, listen... and be enchanted! Maisie Humphreys from England will give you goosebumps with her beautiful, distinctive voice. But if you keep your eyes closed, you will miss the sight of this angelic soul... and the amazement that such a delicate soul can have such a powerful voice.

Künstlerbilder Band

Hockridge Brothers & Virginie Schaeffer

Intimate moments of sound
London brothers Steven and Murray Hockridge, together with French singer Virginie Schaeffer, create unique acoustic moments on stage. The passionate and soulful musicians combine vocals, guitar, percussion and cajon to create their own unique style. What the three call 'Acoustic Soul' touches audiences in a fascinating way.