Tagungsraum Borghese di Rolf Knie

Conference room Borghese di Rolf Knie

Meetings in small groups

This bright and friendly conference room in the hotel 'Colosseo' offers you a place for constructive meetings and workshops. Ideal for smaller groups, ideas and solutions can be developed here through one-to-one contact.

Modern furniture and light colours complement and support the creative and organised thought process, for a guaranteed successful result.

  • Overview
  • Seating
  • Technology, light & media
Hotel 'Colosseo'
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20 persons
Room area
49 m²
360° view
Parliamentary seating
22 people
Theater seating
20 people
U-shape seating
20 people
Special equipment
  • Air conditioning
  • At ground level
  • Carpeted floor
  • Daylight
  • Stepless adjustable light
  • Installable microphone equipment
  • Room/window darkening
  • Projection surface
  • Monitor

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