Markus Krebs

04.09.20 Friday 20:00 pm
05.09.20 Saturday 19:00 pm
Europa-Park Dome

Experience Markus Krebs with his new live show 'Listen.... do you know that one?' - LIVE at Europa-Park.
A simple stage set up is all Markus Krebs needs. His sense of humour? Somewhere between pub buddy and king of jokes. His charme ensures laughter all around.

Please Note: The event will be held mainly in German

Markus Krebs 04.09.2020:
Intake: 6.30pm
Start: 8pm
End: 10.45pm

Markus Krebs & Friends (Matze Knopp, Thorsten Bär and Mundstuhl) 05.09.2020: 
For this special evening, Markus invited some friends. Time to get excited. Buy your tickets online
Intake: 5.30pm
Start: 7pm

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