Traumatica – Festival of Fear

The award-winning horror spectacle in Rust near Freiburg!

This multi-award-winning spectacle of terror lures with pure horror. Among clowns, witches and other creatures, only the bravest stand a chance.

Follow Grim and his friends into the unknown and experience a festival that will never let you go!

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Traumatica area
In the Europa-Park visitor car park at a fee
7pm – 11.30pm
from 16 years
Traumatica - Festival of Fear App

Traumatica - Festival of Fear App

The perfect guide during your visit

In the Traumatica app, you will find all the information around the event as well as tickets and merchandise.

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27.09.23 Wednesday - 7:00pm
29.09.23 Friday - 7:00pm
30.09.23 Saturday - 7:00pm
06.10.23 Friday - 7:00pm
07.10.23 Saturday - 7:00pm
08.10.23 Sunday - 7:00pm
13.10.23 Friday - 7:00pm
14.10.23 Saturday - 7:00pm
15.10.23 Sunday - 7:00pm
20.10.23 Friday - 7:00pm
21.10.23 Saturday - 7:00pm
22.10.23 Sunday - 7:00pm
26.10.23 Thursday - 7:00pm
27.10.23 Friday - 7:00pm
28.10.23 Saturday - 7:00pm
29.10.23 Sunday - 7:00pm
31.10.23 Tuesday - 7:00pm
02.11.23 Thursday - 7:00pm
03.11.23 Friday - 7:00pm
04.11.23 Saturday - 7:00pm
05.11.23 Sunday - 7:00pm
09.11.23 Thursday - 7:00pm
10.11.23 Friday - 7:00pm
11.11.23 Saturday - 7:00pm
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For our guests at the hotel 'Krønasår':
Use the free bus shuttle to the hotel entrance of Europa-Park. From there, our EP-Express will take you to the Europa-Park main entrance, where you can enter the event directly via the Traumatica main entrance. From 7.15pm onwards, the EP-Express will stop exclusively at the 'Greece' station, giving you direct access to Traumatica.
You can also use the EP-Express and the bus shuttle for the way back.


Traumatica - Festival of Fear ShoxterPass

Ticket (16+) from € 92,00 2

to the ticket
Traumatica - Festival of Fear The Witching Hour

Ticket (18+) €319,00 2

to the ticket
Traumatica - Festival of Fear Event-Ticket

Ticket (16+) from € 31,00 2

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Admission: from 16 years. No access will be granted for youth under 16 years, even if accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. Please carry an original form of ID as proof of age.

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