You will already recognise the Dutch themed area from a distance - thanks to the wing of the signature windmill, at the entrance of the Dutch village.

The beautiful, newly-designed house facades are the perfect spots to unwind and relax in the village. But what is the deal with the salient beams on the houses? Goods are heaved through the windows, into the houses, with a hoist - the staircases are way to narrow for this!

On top of the traditional design, we've got some more Highlights for you:

Look forward to the newly designed attraction Pirates in Batavia, opening in Summer 2020. Get mesmerised by the many beautifully-designed sceneries, with 125 figures, during the eight-minute ride in the water.

Or, let yourself be spun around in the whirling coffee cups, until your head is spinning. For our little guests, a flight on the Red Baron, a ride on the Mini Scooter or the flying Dutchman, or a slide party from the Climbing Tower, will definitely earn the seal of approval.

Enjoy authentic, mouth-watering Dutch snacks at the Molencafé and Friethuys! Delicious, freshly baked mini pancakes, Poffertjes, along with a selection of tempting sauces and coffee specialities, and the popular and tasty extra-chunky Dutch style fries, along with a range of refreshing drinks. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savoury, these Dutch delicacies are sure to satisfy your cravings.