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VirtualLine Angebot in der Europa-Park App

VirtualLine at Europa-Park

Make use of your waiting time at Europa-Park!

With VirtualLine, you can use your waiting time for various attractions effectively! Simply reserve the next free time slot in our app and visit another attraction or one of our cafés in Europa-Park in the meantime.


This is how it works:

Virtually queue in only a few steps

1. Download the app

2. Enable location settings

3. Choose an attraction with VirtualLine

4. When you use the app for the first time: If you own a physical Europa-Park ticket, we will ask you to scan it for verification purposes. If, however, you have a digital ticket or a digital ResortPass, you can simply add the ticket or ResortPass from your MackOne account.

5. You will be assigned to a time period, which will be shown in the app

6. Arrive at the VirtualLine entrance of the respective attraction on time and present the VirtualLine ticket



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General information

VirtualLine is the virtual queue for selected attractions at Europa-Park.

Please note, that VirtualLine is a free additional service with very limited availability. Depending on the number of visitors, the available time windows on your visiting day may already be fully booked or the VirtualLine may not be in operation for some selected attractions.
Thank you for your understanding.

VirtualLine is only available in the app when Europa-Park is open and you are in the park.
You can find more information in the Europa-Park and Rulantica App.

Tip: It's best to download the app at home already!

You already have the app on your smartphone? Perfect! Please check if you have got the latest app version, and update the app, if possible. You can view the VirtualLine attractions through the attractions' filter 'VirtualLine'.


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Good to know

Can I also queue as normal at VirtualLine attractions?
Yes, this is possible.

Can I queue for multiple attractions at the same time? 
No. You can only queue for one attraction per ticket. Can I cancel the virtual wait? Yes, this is possible in the app.

Can I cancel the virtual queueing?
Yes. You can do this in the app.

Can I change my time? 
No, like in a normal waiting line, you cannot change the time.

What happens if I'm too late? 
Unfortunately, you have then missed your space and will have to queue again.

How does it work if I am with other people in the park? 
Up to ten Europa-Park tickets can be reserved in the app. The reserved tickets are grouped together automatically for an attraction.

Can I delete Europa-Park tickets from the app?
Yes, through the profile, in the upper right corner, you can manage your tickets.

I don't have a smartphone, or the app isn't working on my smartphone.
VirtualLine is only available to Europa-Park & Rulantica App users.

I am receiving the error message that all spaces are occupied, or the time period has expired.
Unfortunately, all VirtualLine spaces are currently occupied. Please try again later.