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Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac

Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac

The new multi launch coaster

Experience an unrivalled, electrifying adventure with Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac!

Embedded in the new Croatian themed area, for which MACK One is responsible for the conception and storytelling, the latest creation from MACK Rides offers a breathtaking overall package of thrills, atmosphere, captivating story and groundbreaking technology on a total length of 1,385 metres, thus setting new standards in the field of rollercoaster design!

Voltron Nevera is an action-packed rollercoaster highlight with numerous innovative elements, including seven inversions, four launches, 2.2 seconds of weightlessness in one go and the world's steepest launch at 105 degrees.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Nikola Tesla and feel the thrill! Look forward to an intense and first-class driving experience that is unique in the world.

Safety notice: Visitors with strong thighs and/or girth may not be able be carried. We recommend trying the test seat.

Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac is open for you.

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  • Characteristics
  • Technical Data
8+ years
130+ cm
New attraction
Summer & Halloween & HALLOWinter & Winter
Pregnant guests
Prohibited for pregnant women
The attraction offers Baby-Switch.
Single Rider
Special waiting queue for individuals.
Ride time
3:00 min.
32,5 m
1385 m
Max Acceleration
4 G
Max. speed
100 km/h
MACK Rides
Maximum capacity
16 people per train
Theoretical capacity
1600 people per hour

This is what you can look forward to at Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac

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World record

steepest launch with 105° (beyond vertical launch)

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2.2 seconds of continuous weightlessness (inverted stall)

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with 7 inversions the launch coaster with the most inversions in the world


Most launches in Europe, Most launches in Germany


at 1,385 metres, the longest rollercoaster with inversions as well as the longest launch coaster in Europe.

Themed area


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MACK Rides

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Rollercoaster type

Stryker Coaster (the first of its kind worldwide)

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Attraction information for guests with disabilities

We are committed to making as many attractions accessible to guests with disabilities as possible. As part of this, a number of attractions are already accessible to guests with physical disabilities and visual impairments.

The minimum requirements for the use of attractions by guests with disabilities can be found on each the following subpages:

Guests in wheelchairs
Guests with amputations/prostheses
Guests with visual Impairments
Guests with hearing Impairments

General information about your visit can be found on the page 'Guests with disabilities'.

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Voltron chARge

Voltron chARge: Secret experiment in the Europa-Park & Rulantica app

In addition to many handy features, multimedia content and all the important information, the Europa-Park Resort app offers another special feature: Support Nikola Tesla in his experiment to transport people via an energy journey and discover the new multi-launch coaster 'Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac' in an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience at home in your living room.

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Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac

POV on ride video

Can't wait to experience the new coaster? Then don't miss our POV on ride and fly through the future Croatian themed area with Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac!


OHM - Die Baudokumentation

Ω – The construction documentary on VEEJOY

The construction of the new rollercoaster is progressing rapidly, and you can see it at any time! Follow the construction of the coaster exclusively via our streaming platform VEEJOY. Every month, we present the latest developments as well as interesting facts as part of our exciting construction documentary. It's worth taking a look, as it’s not just for rollercoaster fans!


Foto der Baustelle des neuen Coasters 2024

Coaster series on the Europa-Park blog

If you are interested in even more background information and up-to-date facts about the coaster, we recommend that you visit the official Europa-Park blog from time to time. There you can follow along with the creation of the new rollercoaster with exciting articles from completely different perspectives, as well as browse through many other topics related to the Europa-Park Resort.

If ‘beyond vertical launch with 105 degrees, inverted top hat and banked stall’ mean nothing to you, the coaster series on the Europa-Park blog will explain the seven inversions and prepare you perfectly for the Voltron Nevera experience!


Motiv des Podcasts The World Beyond

“The World Beyond – Michael Mack and his Emotioneers of Tomorrow” brought to you by Michael Mack

In the podcast The World Beyond – Michael Mack and his Emotioneers of Tomorrow brought to you by Michael Mack, Michael Mack and Mate Rimac talk about the new partnership, their visions and possible future innovations. Tune in to hear first-hand how this electrifying partnership came about and what the beautiful country of Croatia and legendary inventor Nikola Tesla mean to Rimac. Find out what's behind the name of Europa-Park's long-awaited, exciting new highlight and why Rimac Automobili is just the perfect fit to power Europa-Park's newest rollercoaster!


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