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Tips for your Europa-Park visit

Our trusted tips will help you to make a stay at Europa-Park even more enjoyable!

Read all information regarding dogs at Europa-Park, our lost and found, the picnic areas, the first aid station, lockers, shopping service, baby switch, and much more!

General tips

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You can find an information board in front of every attraction site, which details all safety precautions and limitations. Children of a certain age and height are only permitted to ride rollercoasters (e.g. 11, 140 means aged 11 and over, and 140 cm tall). Some attractions also require a maximum height. These safety instructions have been determined by the MOT, and need to be strictly followed. More details


"Fit for Kids" - Europa-Park is the first theme park in the world that is MOT-certified. More details


Information for persons with greater thigh and/or body proportions 


The rollercoasters ARTHUR, blue fire Megacoaster, Eurosat - CanCan Coaster / Eurosat Coastiality, Silver Star and WODAN Timburcoaster are equipped with a safety bar system due to their high speed and acceleration forces. The degree of inclination of the bar is crucial for the bar closure, so the circumference of the hips and thighs is often decisive. Unfortunately, people with large thighs and/or body circumference cannot use these attractions.

Test seats are available for our guests at the beginning of the queuing area of those rides. Our staff will be happy to assist you with this.

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Visitor information Office

You will receive all information, park tickets, brochures etc. at the information desks as well at the main entrance, the Euro-Tower, the big lake and in the Spanish themed area next to the adventure playground.

You can also withdraw cash at all 4 information points of the park.

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Photo & video recordings

Filming on your smartphone or other cameras during the rides is not permitted on the bigger and faster rollercoasters. GoPros that are fixed around the head, selfiesticks or cameras that are attached around the wrist are also forbidden. There are some exceptions: Cameras that are secured with a band around the chest. However, the staff make the decision onsite whether a belt of this kind is appropriate for the ride or not. Loose items need to be kept away and are not allowed to be held during the ride. Instructions by the staff need to be followed.

Buy tickets on site

Tickets can be purchased on-site at the ticket office with a €10¹ surcharge on the online ticket price.

Tip: Europa-Park tickets are available online at or at the best price in combination with an overnight stay at!

Tickets without a specific date must be dated before visiting at If the tickets are not dated at admissions check, entry to Europa-Park cannot be guaranteed. A service fee of €10¹ per ticket applies to for subsequent on-site dating.

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Picnic Area

Discover our picnic spaces: In the historic Balthasar Castle garden, the German themed area and next to Wodan Timburcoaster.

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Cash Machines

You can find cashpoints at the information board at the main entrance, the lake, the entrance to the Spanish Arena, and in Greece next to the entrance of the 'Cassandra's Curse' as well as in the hotels 'Colosseo', 'Bell Rock', 'Krønasår' and 'Santa Isabel' and in the camp resort. You can also pay by card in some places of the park.

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First aid

The First Aid Station is located next to the Euro-Mir rollercoaster in Russia. Professional paramedics are available during opening hours. Paramedics are also distributed around the park. In the case of an emergency, please inform a member of staff.

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Lost and found

The lost and found is located by the main entrance as well as at the information point by the lake. If you have any questions, email us at: Feel free to download and complete our lost property form.

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Rent out a locker for a small fee at the main entrance. Please note that there is a limited number of lockers.

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Shopping service

Don't worry about carrying your shopping bags with you around all day! We will bring all of the shopping you have done until 3pm, safe and free of charge to the pushchair rental/main entrance, as well as to the reception of the Europa-Park Hotels. You can collect your shopping bags after 5.30pm.

Extended opening hours

After noon you can ask a member of staff or find out in our Europa-Park App about when the park closes.

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Single Rider
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Free WiFi is available at Europa-Park. 

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Reserved parking/ Kiss & Ride

Park directly by the main entrance! Buy your ticket on-site (€29.00¹ per parking space) or in advance at our ticket shop (€25.00¹).

On the parking spaces marked 'reserved parking' you can park free of charge for 20 minutes to drop off passengers or pick up your family or friends.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

There are 86 charging points available throughout the Europa-Park Resort, 6 of which are fast-charging points.

Main visitor car park area A, row 23: 34 charging points
Camp Resort: 6 charging points
Reserved VIP car park at the main entrance: 2 charging points

'Colosseo': 16 charging points (including 2 fast charging points)
'Bell Rock': 6 charging points (including 2 fast charging points)
'Krønasår': 6 charging points (including 2 fast charging points)
El Andaluz': 4 charging points

Visitor car park: 12 charging points

It is not possible to reserve charging points in advance.

With direct payment (scanning the QR code at the respective charging station), billing takes place directly via our cooperation partner Badenova. The price is displayed on the home screen as soon as you have scanned the QR code. No blocking fees are charged. 

If you pay with your personal charging card, you will be billed by your charging card provider. The costs and any blocking fees depend on your respective charging card provider and cannot be influenced by us.

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Dogs are allowed into the park provided a leash is used. Excluded here are so-called listed dogs/fighting dogs. The dogs are not permitted to be brought along on riding attractions, nor in some catering establishments. A dog set is available for dog owners free of charge at the main entrance. There are also 15 dog water stations around the park.

Tip: Tom's Dog Hotel. There is an option to place your dog in the nearby dog hotel Tom's Dog World. The services include a collection and drop-off service from the main entrance of Europa-Park as well as overnight accommodation for your dogs.

Tips for families

Further helpful tips for your visit can be found on our info page for families.

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Pram rental

Take advantage of our pushchair-rental service in Europa-Park! When you arrive you can rent a pushchair for a fee of €5,00 as well as a deposit of €50 at either the main entrance or the hotel-parking entrance.
Please take note: Our pushchairs are only suitable for children that are able to sit up, as laying down is not possible in the pushchair.

Europa-Park does not offer handcart rentals.

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Ireland - Children's World is a huge play island for children of all ages. The water playground Lítill Island - Hansgrohe Children's Water World (swimwear recommended) can be found in Iceland. The Minimoys Kingdom offers tons of fun with the root slides and Mino's play corner. The Würmchen Wies'n playground in Austria is right next to the ERDINGER Weißbiergarten and the Seehaus restaurant. You can find another playground In the German themed area next to the beer garden.

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Please see the minimum age and height requirements, or if they need to be accompanied by an adult on the informations boards of the attractions. Did you know that you can filter attractions according to age and height here? Discover all the attractions that your child will be able to enjoy at one glance.

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Pregnant women

Using the attraction filter you can easily view online which attractions are suitable or not suitable for pregnant women. Unsuitable attractions are labeled as either 'forbidden' or 'not recommended' attractions. This additional information is displayed directly on the respective attraction details page. Access attraction filter

We also advise you to contact your GP and discuss your stay before visiting Europa-Park.

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Speak together to a member of staff at the attraction with height restrictions about the 'Baby-switch' option. While your partner queues and rides, you can wait with your child, for example, by the playground. Your partner will receive a card, which they will hand over to you after the ride. You can then go to the exit of the attraction and immediately go on the ride, without having to queue again. (This option is only available at our bigger rollercoasters)

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Baby change

You can find baby changing rooms at the following locations:

  • Main entrance
  • Information point at the lake
  • Ireland - Children's World
  • Italy at the glückskind-Lounge by dm
  • Spain
  • Grimm's enchanted forest
  • The Minimoys Kingdom
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Do you have any more questions?

Our Guest Relations will be happy to help.

We can help you in German, English and French.

You can contact us via:
Phone: +49 7822 770
Or use our contact form.

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