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The 2024 summer season is all about exciting new features! Not only will the 17th European themed area open during the season with the breathtaking multi launch coaster Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac, but the Austrian themed area will also feature numerous new attractions following its reconstruction! Among other things, new catering and shopping facilities will be introduced in the Croatian themed area, while the reopening of the popular classics Alpine Express 'Enzian' and the Tyrolean Log Flume will be celebrated in the Austrian themed area. New additions include the Yomi Adventure Trail and a captivating VR experience on the Alpenexpress Coastiality. Europa-Park's main entrance has also undergone extensive renovation and will shine in new splendour for the summer season.

Croatia themed area

The new coaster Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac opens in the new themed area Croatia

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Austria themed area

A number of new developments await you in the Austrian themed area

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French themed area

A new adventure awaits at Eurosat Coastiality

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Additional new attractions

There are numerous brand new shows, restaurants and shops for you to discover

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News from the Europa-Park Resort

Discover numerous new attractions at Eatrenalin, YULLBE and in Rulantica

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Media-based news

Numerous offers around the Europa-Park Resort are also available at home!

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News from the online shop

For all Europa-Park fans who are looking for unique merchandise

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NEW: Croatian themed area

A new country has moved into the Europa-Park theme world: Croatia. The theme park's 17th European themed area is home to the new multi launch coaster Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac. Enjoy the Mediterranean flair, take a fast-paced ride on the new rollercoaster or enjoy a deliciously refreshing ice cream in the Sunce i Lavanda ice cream parlour. One thing is for sure: the Croatian themed area has a few surprises in store!

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Experience the new rollercoaster in 3D in your living room with Voltron chARge - a secret experiment with Nikola Tesla!

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New attractions in the Austrian themed area

The mountain world in the Austrian themed area is coming to life on 14.05.2024. In addition to our traditional classics, such as the Tyrolean log flume ride, the Alpine Express 'Enzian' and Alpenexpress Coastiality, the Magical Valley of Diamonds is also opening with the new Yomi Adventure Trail, which takes you into the mysterious world of funny mythical creatures.

Sausen Sie mit der Familienachterbahn durch das malerische, österreichische Gebirge!

Alpine Coaster "Enzian"

Whizz through the mountains on the family rollercoaster! The Alpine Express 'Enzian' whizzes past impressive cliffs and thundering waterfalls through the magical Valley of Diamonds.

Besucher im Alpenexpress mit Coastiality-Brille

Alpenexpress Coastiality

Experience the popular Alpine Express 'Enzian' from a completely different perspective! The VR glasses open up a fantastic 3D world to you during the fast-paced journey.

Fina & die Yomis - Zauberwelt der Diamanten VR

Fina & the Yomis - Magic World of Diamonds VR

Experience a virtual carriage ride on the Alpenexpress Coastiality with Fina and the Yomis! What starts off quietly quickly turns into an exhilarating whizz through the Alpine mountain landscape. Together with the funny mythical creatures and equipped with virtual reality headsets, whizz through the magical cave landscape in memory of the former 'Yomi Magical World of Diamonds'.

Tiroler Wildwasserbahn

Tirol Log Flume

In a hollowed-out tree trunk, you sail over hill and dale. Firstly, you will tackle a steep ascent and a lively descent before gliding through the Magical Valley of Diamonds.

Yomi Abenteuer Trail im österreichischen Themenbereich

Yomi Adventure Trail

Awaken your spirit of discovery and explore the new Yomi Adventure Trail in 2024! The adventurous circular trail with suspension bridges, climbing elements and slides leads brave explorers through the magic gorge of diamonds.


Gemstone Grotto

Explore the mysterious gemstone grotto of the Yomis! Discover many surprises in the shop as well as a large selection of jewellery, gemstones and crystals.

Neue Boote bei Josefinaa kaiserlicher Zauberreise

Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey

Embark on a romantic ride through Empress Josefina's palace garden in lavishly designed boats.

Tiroler Jausendstandl

Tyrol Snack

Our new, rustic snack next to the Seehaus restaurant will indulge you with delicious international and Austrian treats.


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New in the French themed area

A new immersive adventure awaits you at Eurosat Coastiality - The Phantom of the Opera this year, creating a unique link between the gripping storyline of The Phantom of the Opera and the thrill of a rollercoaster ride. Meanwhile, shopping enthusiasts can stock up on beautiful souvenirs in the new PUMA store next to the Silver Star.

Eurosat Coastiality - Phantom der Oper

Eurosat Coastiality - The Phantom of the Opera

The gripping plot of The Phantom of the Opera invites you on a new immersive adventure.

Puma X Silver Star

PUMA STORE X Silver Star

Ultimate style meets the ultimate adrenaline rush.

CanCan Coaster Shop

CanCan Coaster Shop

The merch for Eurosat Coastiality - Phantom of the Opera

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NEW: Experience a first-class evening with the Eatrenalin Late Night Experience.



The VR adventure centre, right next to the hotel 'Krønasår' and opposite Rulantica:

  • Dr. G – Victory on Venus (YULLBE GO)
  • Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly (YULLBE PRO)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (YULLBE GO)
Vikinglop Drohne Panorama View

Water World Rulantica

More water fun!

  • Rulantica VIP Svit (August 2023) & Rulantica Svit (July 2023): spacious Day Suites at the highest level
  • Damp Huset (from June 2023): The new feel-good experience in the quiet and sauna area Hyggedal
  • Snorri's Dune (from May 2023): Cosy loungers and Beach Sofas to relax on
  • Nordiskturn (February 2023): Eight slides for even more action-filled water fun

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If you don't want to miss out on the magic of Europa-Park in your everyday life, you can bring the full entertainment programme from the theme park to your home on VEEJOY.
The free streaming platform offers a huge selection of series, podcasts and live streams. For example, the exclusive on-ride video of the new coaster Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac as well as the construction documentary, 3 against Knossi and much more!

Voltron chARge

Voltron chARge: Secret experiment in the Europa-Park & Rulantica app

In addition to many handy features, multimedia content and all the important information, the Europa-Park Resort app offers another special feature: Support Nikola Tesla in his experiment to transport people via an energy journey and discover the new multi-launch coaster 'Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac' in an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience at home in your living room.

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