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Ausstellung "Croatian Inspiration"

Exhibition 'Croatian Inspiration'

The Croatian themed area along with a new exhibition building with numerous exhibits relating to Croatia, will open on 26. April 2024.
Among other things, visitors will be able to marvel at inventions and discoveries from the Mediterranean country and even interact with some of them.

The building design is intended to be a mix of two well-known Croatian buildings: the Arsenal in Hvar and St Mark's Church in Zagreb.
With stone arches and stone walls in typical Croatian patterns and thousands of bricks in different colours forming a fantastic mosaic, a fantastic scenery is created for visitors to the new themed area.

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26.04.2024: Voltron Nevera

From 26. April 2024, the Croatian themed area will open with the new Voltron Nevera multi launch coaster. Experience an unrivalled, electrifying adventure with Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac!