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All important information for an unforgettable visit to Europa-Park

A magical stay means being well-prepared! We have summarised the most important information for you, so that you can be well informed and look forward to your visit to Europa-Park with plenty of anticipation!

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General information

Opening hours

Fun all year round

Europa-Park is open during the summer and Halloween seasons from 9am to at least 6pm. During HALLOWinter and the winter season, visitors can be amazed and enchanted from 11am to at least 7pm.

The theme park is constantly changing and offers a unique atmosphere for every season: In spring, thousands upon thousands of flowers bloom in Europa-Park to drive away the winter blues, in the summer months the wide variety of water attractions offer welcome refreshment. During Halloween, Europa-Park is transformed into an enchanted place with countless pumpkins and a floral autumn landscape and during HALLOWinter and Winter Magic weeks, a Christmassy winter wonderland are waiting for the visitors. 

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Accompanying persons

Disabled guests with a note on their disability card that an accompanying person is required will also receive a reduced entry price for an accompanying person.

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Disabled parking space

Designated parking spaces for guests with disabilities who hold a respective parking pass can be found in the front section of the visitor car park.

Information regarding the parking ticket can be found in the Mack International Ticketshop.

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Guide dogs & assistance dogs

Assistance dogs, which are identified by the appropriate vest, may be taken along in selected shows in which no animals are used. The dogs must be kept close to the owner and the instructions of the show staff must be followed. A hygiene kit for disposing of dog excrement must be carried with you at all times.

Animals are generally not permitted on rides. Exceptions to this are our means of transport the EP-Express, Monorail Train and Panorama Train, as well as the Euro-Tower attraction, where assistance dogs may be taken along.

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Wheelchair rental

You will find the wheelchair rental area at the main entrance. Depending on availability, you will be able to rent a wheelchair for the duration of your visit to the park for a fee of €3.00¹ as well as a deposit of €50.

To be on the safe side, you are also welcome to reserve a wheelchair in good time before your visit by sending an e-mail to

We do not have any handcarts for rental.

Transport options & routes

You can get from one themed area to another quickly and comfortably using the EP Express. The trains have wheelchair-accessible boarding and the option of alighting in the rear compartment, and there is space for two wheelchairs. In addition, the Monorail Train and Panorama Train are available as transport options in the park, but these cannot be used with a wheelchair.

Europa-Park is largely barrier-free. The Valais village in the Swiss themed area, the Spanish themed area and parts of the Irish themed area may be a bit more difficult for wheelchair users to traverse due to the paving in these areas.

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Information points

At the Information at the Tower (French themed area) you are able receive on-site support regarding questions about accessibility in Europa-Park.

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Opportunities to rest

Seating options are available in all themed areas, for example park benches. You will find more seating and picnic options in the historic Balthasar Castle garden in the German themed area and next to Melusina Snacks & Drinks in the Luxembourg themed area. For a bit more peace and quiet, we recommend a trip to our historic Castle Park.

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Special toilets for guests with disabilities can be found in the following areas: 

  • German themed area
  • French themed area
  • Greek themed area 
  • Main entrance 
  • Dutch themed area 
  • Irish theme area 
  • Icelandic theme area 
  • Italian themed area 
  • Kingdom of the Minimoys 
  • Austrian themed area
  • Russian theme area 
  • Scandinavian theme area 
  • Spanish theme area

Care room for guests with disabilities: Toilet for all

At the main entrance near our pram rental there is a care room for guests with disabilities, the 'Toilet for all'. Among other things, this room is equipped with a passenger lift with a universal attachment, so that a separate cloth can be used for its use. We ask you to carry such a cloth with you when you visit if you wish to use our care room. To obtain a key for our care room, please contact our pram rental staff.

Please note: A deposit of €50.00 is required for the handing out of the key.

Financed with government funding, authorised by the Landtag Baden-Württemberg.

Ministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit und Integration

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All restaurants at Europa-Park are accessible by wheelchair users.

The following gastronomy outlets may have access restrictions in the queuing area:

  • Adventure Food Station
  • Bayrisch-Badischer beer garden
  • CMAK – Russian Food & Burger
  • Fjord Restaurant
  • Tarte Flambé stand
  • Friethuys
  • Langnese Happiness Station Silver Star
  • Melusina Snacks & Drinks
  • Petite France
  • SPICES – Cuisines of the World
  • Taverna Mykonos
  • The Three Piglets
  • Tiroler Jausenstandl
  • Waffle bakery

Barrier-free access is not yet possible at the following gastronomy outlets:

  • Atlantis-Snack 
  • Bistro Tomi Ungerer 
  • Boot Liberté (Chez Marianne) 
  • Crêperie Nadine 
  • ERDINGER Urweisse Hütt'n 
  • granini Saft Butikk 
  • Walliser wine cellar

Please contact our employees on site so that we can support you.


All shows have specially designated spaces for guests in wheelchairs.

Please use the side entrance or exit at the Europa-Park Teatro (Italian themed area) and the Globe Theatre (English themed area) and the lift at the Spanish Arena (Spanish themed area).

If there are no designated entrances for guests with disabilities, please contact our on-site staff who will be happy to assist you.

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All shops at Europa-Park can generally be accessed with a wheelchair. However, there may be some restrictions on passability in our shops. You are welcome to contact our staff on site if you require assistance.

Wheelchair access is not recommended in the following shops:

-Casa dei souvenir (Italien themed area) 
-Dallmayr Teehaus (Russian themed area) 
-Kleiner Horrorladen (Italian themed area) 
-Leonardo-Boutique 'Jewels & Lifestyle' (French themed area) 
-Lindt (Russian themed area) 
-Make-Up 'le petit atelier' (French themed area)

This also applies to shops located in the queuing area or at the exit of an attraction.

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The Technical Control Board (TÜV Süd) and the manufacturers of the attractions specify certain guidelines that must be met in order to be allowed to use the attractions. You can also find this information on our attraction signs at the entrances to the attractions.

The minimum requirements for using the attractions for guests with disabilities can be found on the following subpages:

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First aid

Should you need medical assistance on-site, please utilise the first-aid station in the Russian themed area behind the Euro-Mir attraction.

In the event of an emergency, please speak to the next member of staff, who will inform our paramedics immediately.

Detailed information for you

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Guests in wheelchairs
To the information

Guests with amputations/prostheses
To the information

Guests with visual impairments
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Guests with hearing impairments
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Entrance fees and tickets

Discounted tickets for guests with disabilities are available online in our ticket shop or at the on-site ticket offices

Special rates for guests with disabilities

The price online, as well as at the ticket office, can vary depending on the day you visit - however, when purchased in combination with an overnight stay, you always benefit from the Best-Price-Guarantee. Please bring the corresponding disability card, if you purchase a ticket at a special rate. 

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Special rates for guests with disabilities aged 4 to 15 year
  • Tickets for guests with disabilities aged 4 to 15 are only available on-site, and can be purchased at the information office at the main entrance.
  • Please book tickets for your accompanying persons in advance at or get the best price in combination with an overnight stay at
  • If there is no more availability on the day, admission of young guests with disabilities can still be guaranteed as long as the accompanying persons have tickets booked in advance.
Ticket Ticket office
1-day ticket €35.50¹ - €42.50¹
2-day ticket €63.00¹ - €71.50¹
ResortPass Gold (Annual pass) €145.00¹
ResortPass Gold (Jahreskarte) €250.00¹


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Special rates for guests with disabilities aged 16+
  • Reduced admission prices will be granted on site upon presentation of a corresponding, valid disability ID.
  • To do so, please select the ‘Special rate’ in the Mack International ticket shop.
Ticket Online tickets at the ticket shop Best price tickets with an overnight stay
1-day ticket €52.00¹ - €59.50¹ €52.00¹
2-day ticket €96.00¹ - €109.00¹  €96.00¹
3-day ticket not available  €121.50¹
ResortPass Silver (Annual pass) €225.00¹ Not available
ResortPass Gold (Annual pass) €385.00¹ Not available
Booking Book tickets Book overnight stay + tickets*

*Please leave a note in the comments field at the end of the hotel booking process. The special rate will be granted to you on presentation of the relevant proof on site.

Accompaniment required

Corresponding disability ID required.

The accompanying person (must be aged 16+) receives a reduced entry price for day tickets, but not when purchasing a ResortPass annual pass. To do so, please select the ‘Special tariff’ in the Mack International ticket shop. If there is free capacity, tickets are still available at the ticket office with a surcharge of €10¹.

Guests with visual impairments

Corresponding disability ID required.

  • Free entry, no ticket required
  • If there is no more availability on the day, admission of young guests with disabilities can still be guaranteed as long as the accompanying persons have tickets booked in advance.
Guests that use wheelchairs

Corresponding disability ID required. Applies only to guests who permanently rely on a wheelchair.

  • Free entry, no ticket required
  • If there is no more availability on the day, admission of young guests with disabilities can still be guaranteed as long as the accompanying persons have tickets booked in advance.


Offers on overnight stays for guests with disabilities

Our tip: Combine your visit to Europa-Park with a fantastic overnight stay at the Europa-Park Resort and benefit from the best price, earlier admission to the park before the regular park opening time (exclusively for hotel guests), a secured visit with ticket guarantee and flexible cancellation conditions!

The accessible rooms of the 4* superior themed hotels are able to fulfil all of your specific requirements, while allowing plenty of space for wellness and relaxation. The best conditions that make for an unforgettable visit to the Europa-Park Resort!

Book overnight stays + tickets

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General information

We are committed to making as many attractions accessible to guests with disabilities as possible. As part of this, a number of attractions are already accessible to guests with physical disabilities and visual impairments.

The minimum requirements for the use of attractions by guests with disabilities can be found on each the following subpages:


Please note:

  • Only use an attraction if you are physically able to do so. If necessary, talk to your doctor before your visit.
  • Both the minimum height and the minimum age must be met for all of our attractions. Some ride systems also have a maximum size. If the limits are either not reached or exceeded, use of the attraction cannot be permitted.
  • Some of our rides experience high lift forces, which is why these rides use special restraint systems. If these restraint systems are not working properly, they cannot be used.
  • Persons who are under the noticeable influence of alcohol, drugs or medication cannot be permitted to ride.
  • Persons with acute injuries or who have recently had an operation may not be permitted to ride.
  • Animals such as assistance dogs, for example, cannot generally be taken on rides. (Means of transport and Euro Tower excluded).
  • Loose, sharp or bulky items or medical supplies may not be allowed on a ride.
  • Boarding and disembarking must be done independently and communication with our employees must be guaranteed. If necessary, this must be done with the help of an accompanying person who is at least 16 years old and who is able to walk, see and hear without restrictions.
  • In the case of guests with disabilities who are able to use a ride, evacuation may take longer as this may be carried out by specially trained personnel.


Priority access to attractions

As a rule, guests with disabilities (for which the restrictions specified by the TÜV do not apply) have access to the attractions via the exit in order to avoid long waiting times. An identification document (disability ID, autism pass or similar) must be shown to the operator of the ride. One accompanying person is permitted.

We ask for your understanding that a direct second ride on the same ride is not possible, as the current waiting time of the ride must stand between a new ride.

This rule has been expanded to allow guests with disabilities to make use of some rides with a maximum of four accompanying persons. Please contact the Information at the Tower which is located in the French themed area. There you will receive a green card upon presentation of the legitimation paper (disability ID, autism pass or similar). You can use six attractions of your choice (subject to compliance with safety regulations) by presenting this card in conjunction with the identification paper. Please understand that family and friends are only allowed to travel together with the owner of the identification paper.

All official, national disability certificates as well as autistic passes issued by authorities can be accepted as proof for a reduction in waiting time as well as for the special fare.

You can see which documents, among others, are valid with us from the following list:

  • EU Disability Card (European Union)
  • Severely disabled person's card (Germany)
  • Carte mobilité inclusion Invalidité / Priorité / Cécité (France)
  • IV card (Switzerland)
  • Disability Pass (Austria)
  • Autipas (Netherlands)
  • Tarjeta Acreditativa del Grado de Discapacidad (Spain)
  • National Disability Card (United Kingdom)
  • Access Card (United Kingdom, Ireland)
  • Autism ID Card (Ireland)

Tip: Europa-Park & Rulantica App

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Seize every minute
We give you the gift of time - for example, if you queue up virtually at the blue fire Megacoaster, you can continue to explore the park thanks to VirtualLine or spend the waiting time in the café.

More information about the app

Further information about the Europa-Park Resort

Premium Präsidentensuite Doppelbett

Stay & enjoy

The disabled-accessible and handicap-friendly rooms of the Europa-Park hotels meet all your individual requirements - with plenty of space for wellness and relaxation.

Book a dreamy short trip in one of our park's own 4* (superior) themed hotels and use the filter option ‘Show only disabled-accessible/handicap-friendly rooms’. This is how you go directly to your ideal room offer on our online booking portal.

All tips for your hotel stay.

EP-Express im Themenbereich Griechenland

Transport options to Europa-Park

As a hotel guest at Europa-Park Resort, you have the opportunity to use the EP-Express Station ‘Hotels’ to get to the various themed areas of Europa-Park. The trains are in the rearmost compartment with wheelchair-accessible entry and exit and there is space for two wheelchairs.

Next stops: Spain, Greece and Alexanderplatz (German themed area).

In addition, all theme hotels, the Europa-Park entrance for hotel guests, YULLBE and the Rulantica entrance for hotel guests can be reached with the free hotel shuttle resort. This runs as a ring bus service daily, at regular intervals (at least every 30 minutes).

All departure times can be found here.


We are there for you

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. We will be happy to help you - talk to us!

Info line:+49 7822 776 688