Country Brunch

Ranch Cooking

Culinary fun for the whole family. Indulge like in the Wild West! Enjoy our breakfast and lunch buffet to your heart's content with the best of the Wild West...

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Silver Lake Saloon (Camp Resort)
11.30am - 3.00pm
Car park
Free of charge in the 'Camp Resprt' carpark


08.10.23 Sunday - 11:30am
15.10.23 Sunday - 11:30am
22.10.23 Sunday - 11:30am
29.10.23 Sunday - 11:30am
05.11.23 Sunday - 11:30am
12.11.23 Sunday - 11:30am
19.11.23 Sunday - 11:30am
26.11.23 Sunday - 11:30am
03.12.23 Sunday - 11:30am
10.12.23 Sunday - 11:30am
17.12.23 Sunday - 11:30am
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Freshly baked pastries I Cereal I Egg specialties I Bacon & beans I Ham I Sausage I Cheese
French-toast I Mozzarella sticks I Jalapeños I Wraps I Tacos I Onion rings
Smoked fish I Horseradish dip
Coffee & tea I Fruit juices


Salmon & avocado Tatar I Shrimp & guacamole
Pulled salmon & pasta salad
Roast beef I Tacos
Lamb’s lettuce I Honey-mustard dressing I Nuts I Croutons
Lettuce I Waldorf salad I Coleslaw I Raw vegetable salad
Mini burger I Chicken wings I Meatballs I Mac & cheese

‘Apache salmon’ – grilled on a beechwood board
BBQ ribs I Grilled corn on the cob
Turkey medallions ‘Louisiana’
Crispy pork belly I Baked beans
US flank steak I Beed Sirloin
Grilled vegetables I French fries I Baked potato & sour cream

Pancakes & berry compote I Pancakes with nut-nougat filling
‘Tipsy plums’ & granola crumble
Brownie I Whiskey dip I Vanilla ice cream I Fruit salad


Country Brunch

Infant (0 to 5 years): free of charge
Reservation required on

Adult (from 15 years) €38,50 2

Child (6 to 14 years) €15,50 2

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