New long-distance train stop from 13.12.2020

Sustainable travel, while increasing life quality within the region: From 13. December 2020, visitors of Europa-Park, the water world Rulantica and the six themed hotels can arrive by EuroCityExpress. The EuroCityExpress connection Frankfurt-Milan will stop twice daily at the train station ‘Ringsheim’. This way guests, especially from the Rhein Main area as well as from Switzerland, can reach the Europa-Park Resort quickly and in an environmentally-friendly way.

But not only the visitors, but also the whole region will benefit from this expansion. As from December fewer people will have to travel by car, the A5 motorway as well as the streets of the community of Rust will be relieved.

Environmental issues are particularly important to Roland Mack: “Everyone is talking about climate protection and the changes people have in their mobility behaviour. An improved rail connection for Europa-Park is therefore a first-class sustainability project. The rail connection is a very high priority for Europa-Park.”

The mayor of the community of Ringsheim, Pascal Weber, is of course also looking forward to the new development: “To have a long-distance traffic stop in our small local community is of course a tailwind for our tourism in town and the region. For a long time now, we have been closely working with Europa-Park. In the meantime, in our common tourist area with the community of Rust, we have welcomed yet another visitor magnet, thanks to the water world Rulantica. In a nutshell, the long-distance traffic stop is ideal for climate protection, tourism, and also for our citizens in Ringsheim and the whole region.”

In the year 2021, the next step will then follow: The train stop ‘Ringsheim’ will be renamed to ‘Ringsheim/Europa-Park’.