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General Information

Europa-Park is Germany's biggest theme park and, in order to guarantee your safety, our engineers and technical specialists regularly check and inspect all attractions.

Please also make yourself familiar with our Park Rules.

Please note our list of prohibited items (PDF, 204 KB) that are not allowed to be carried in the park.

At the entrance of each attraction you will find a sign describing safety regulations and restrictions - these are provided by the TÜV (German Safety Standards Authority) and must be followed strictly.

Restrictions regarding age and height on attractions*:

Attraction Restrictions regarding age and height Only when accompanied by an adult
Eurosat Coastiality 14yrs and 1.30m (max size 1.95m) -
Silver Star 11yrs and 1.40m  -
Euro-Mir 8yrs and 1.30m (max size 1.95m) under 10yrs
blue fire Megacoaster powered by Nord Stream 2 7yrs and 1.30m  -
Eurosat - CanCan Coaster 6yrs and 1.20m (max size 1.95m) under 10yrs
Jungfrau Glacier Flight 6yrs and 1.20m under 10yrs
Matterhorn Blitz 6yrs and 1.20m under 8yrs
Swiss Bob Run 6yrs and 1.20m under 8yrs
Water Rollercoaster Poseidon 6yrs and 1.20m under 8yrs
WODAN - Timburcoaster 6yrs and 1.20m under 8yrs
Cassandra's Curse 5yrs and 1.10m under 8yrs
Feria Swing 4yrs and 1.00m under 10yrs
Tirol Log Flume 4yrs and 1.00m under 9yrs
Arena of Football - Be Part of It! 4yrs and 1.00m under 8yrs / under 1.30m
Alpine Coaster Enzian 4yrs and 1.00m under 8yrs
Atlantica SuperSplash 4yrs and 1.00m under 8yrs
Columbus Dinghy 4yrs and 1.00m under 8yrs
Fjord-Rafting including the world of trolls 4yrs and 1.00m under 8yrs
Pegasus - The YoungStar Coaster 4yrs and 1.00m under 8yrs
Spinning Dragons 4yrs and 1.00m under 8yrs
Vindjammer 4yrs and 1.00m under 7yrs
ARTHUR 4yrs and 1.00m under 6yrs / under 1.20m
Vienna Wave Swing 4yrs and 1.00m -
Voletarium 4yrs and 1.00m -
Ba-a-a-Express 3yrs and 0.95m under 8yrs
Dancing Dingie 3yrs and 0.95m under 8yrs
Tower Tow 3yrs and 0.95m under 8yrs
Crazy Taxis 3yrs and 0.95m under 6yrs 
Quipse Paddle Boats 3yrs and 0.95m (max. size 1.35m) -
BIG-Bobby-Car 1yr under 4yrs
Old Mac Donald's Tractor Fun - under 8yrs / under 1.30m
Snorri Touren - under 8yrs / under 1.30m
Sheep Rock - under 8 yrs / under 1.30m
Whale Adventures - Northern Lights - under 8 yrs / under 1.30m
London Bus - under 6yrs / under 1.20m
Limerick Castle max 12yrs under 4yrs 

The most important rules when using the attractions:

Please note that we currently cannot consider seating requests. You will be assigned to a seat in the attractions.

Mouth-nose mask:

Due to the mask requirement, you must wear a mouth-nose mask in all closed and covered areas, as well as in outdoor areas in which this is exceptionally required. We recommend you to bring your own mouth-nose mask. You can also purchase these on-site. 
Please pay attention to the mask requirement in Europa-Park as well!

Waiting area:

You can find distance markers on the ground for your orientation in all waiting areas. Please note that only up to three persons can stand in any one section.

Current information

Age & Height:

  • There is a minimum age and body height for some of the attractions. In addition to this there may also be a maximum body height. Visitors that are taller than the maximum body height can not use these attractions. These safety regulations and restrictions are provided by the TÜV (German Safety Standards Authority) and must be followed strictly. At the entrance to each attraction you will find a measurement guidance pole where you are able to check if you and your children can enter the attraction.
  • Due to the extreme ride physics, Silver Star, blue fire Megacoaster powered by Nord Stream 2, and WODAN-Timburcoaster feature special lap bar systems which restrict the seats, please be sure to try the test seat at the entrance before queueing.

Pets, Luggage & GoPros:

  • Please note that pets and sticks as well as other large, pointed, or lose items must not be taken onto the rides. Such items can endanger yourself as well as others. Filming and photography with mobile phones or cameras of any kind is strictly prohibited on all major rides and all of the faster merry-go-rounds. Head-mounted GoPros as well as cameras attached to selfie sticks or wristbands are also prohibited. Exceptions can be made for cameras mounted with a suitable chest strap. The decision whether a chest strap is suitable lies with the ride operators only. All lose items need to be stored away and must not be held in the rider's hand. Please follow the operators' instructions.  


  • For safety reasons, visitors under the influence of alcohol can not use any of the attractions.
  • Pregnant women and visitors experiencing heart, back, and other major issues can not use any of the attractions.
  • Visitors with limited mobility problems may not be able to use all of the rides - please pay attention to the signs, which can be found throughout the park.

Information for pregnant women:

Use of the following attractions by pregnant women is not permitted, in accordance with the Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) regulations by which we are bound.

ARTHUR, Atlantica SuperSplash, blue fire Megacoaster powered by Nord Stream 2, Euro-Mir, Eurosat - CanCan Coaster, Eurosat Coastiality, Matterhorn Blitz, Pegasus - The YoungStar Coaster, Poseidon, Silver Star, Vindjammer, Voletarium and WODAN - Timburcoaster.

We also recommend that you avoid the following attractions - Fjord-Rafting, Swiss Bob Run, Alpenexpress Enzian, Alpenexpress Coastiality, Tirol Log Flume, and Cassandra’s Curse.

We advise you to contact your GP to before visiting Europa-Park.


Please look after your children as they may easily underestimate possible dangerous situations.

  • Please ensure that children are always accompanied by an adult on attractions.
  • When riding a circular ride, always seat children on the inside.
  • Always keep children within sight.
  • Never lift your children beyond or seat your child on the barriers at the attractions.

'TÜV Süddeutschland' Safety Certificate for Europa-Park:

Europa-Park is the first leisure park in the world to obtain a safety certificate from the 'TÜV Süddeutschland Bau und Betrieb GmbH' (MOT).

“Europa-Park convinces with the consistency and logic of its safety concept for attractions”, is the conclusion of Wilhelm Schaaf, Head of the Certification Department for Attractions for the TÜV Süddeutschland.

Over 40 attractions were tested for safety.

* Please note that some attractions may only be open during the summer or winter season. For further information please see the attraction pages or the park map.