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Eurosat Coastiality im Europa-Park


A double dose of thrills

The thrill of a rollercoaster ride combined with a unique VR experience: Coastiality combines two exciting experiences to create a very special form of entertainment. Because right at the start of the rollercoaster ride, you find yourself in a film! Become part of a fascinating story in virtual reality and at the same time experience the excitement as the ride goes up and down at breakneck speed. This experience is full of surprises, entices you with physically tangible thrills and offers twice the fun.

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Coastiality at Europa-Park

Besucher im Free Roam-Bereich von Coastiality

Eurosat Coastiality

Discover the exciting world of 'Valerian - The City of a Thousand Planets' in 'Eurosat Coastiality'. Become part of an action-packed space adventure where you will even fly through space. The special feature: the virtual experience begins even before you get on the rollercoaster. Put on the VR headset before boarding the rollercoaster and find yourself in the Valerian universe from this point onwards. Ready for the actual ride? Now the turbulent space adventure ride starts with crazy creatures that will startle you.

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Coastiality Ed & Edda - Der Minenexpress

Alpenexpress feat. Ed Euromaus and friends 360° video

A wild ride with Ed Euromaus and his friends through a mysterious mine

Coastiality Voletarium Sky Explorers

Alpenexpress feat. Sky Explorers 360° video

Go on an adventure with the Sky Explorers from the mobile game 'Voletarium: Sky Explorers'

Coastiality Schellen Ursli

Alpenexpress feat. Schellen-Ursli 360° video

Fancy a race in the Alps? Get in!

Coastiality Alpha Mods

Alpenexpress feat. Alpha Mods P.D. 360° video

Hot pursuit! Become part of a police unit with the Alpha Mods P.D.

Coastiality Ottos Ottifanten

Alpenexpress feat. OTTOs Ottifanten 360° video

Sliding through fast curves as an Ottifant baby in a pram. Fuuuun!

Coastiality Happy Family

Pegasus feat. Happy Family 360° video

Immerse yourself in the fantastic movie world of 'Happy Family'

Coastiality Valerian

Eurosat feat. Valerian 360° video

Rescue mission: Fight undercover alongside agents Valerian and Laureline


As a globally unique virtual reality experience, Coastiality has impressed expert juries from a wide range of industries across Europe. The innovative approach of virtual reality in combination with a rollercoaster has been recognized with the following awards:

Deutscher Digital Award
German Digital Award

Gold for 'Eurosat Coastiality' in the 'Digital Live Experience' category

Halo Award Silver Location-Based
HALO Awards

Silver for 'Eurosat Coastiality' in the 'Location-based Entertainment' category

Parkscout Publikums Award 2018
Parkscout Publikums Award

Best new attraction for ‘Valerian’