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Gäste fahren in der Achterbahn Silver Star

Your safety is our priority

Europa-Park is Germany's largest theme park. Our engineers and technicians continuously control and check our attractions so that the safety, which is our highest priority, is guaranteed. 

We would like to briefly inform you about the most important safety conditions. If you follow these rules, you will "for sure" experience an unforgettable and relaxing day in Europa-Park. Please pay attention to our park regulations as well.

Please pay attention to our list of forbidden items as well, which you are not permitted to bring to Europa-Park.

Additionally, signs in front of every attraction in the park indicate the type of ride and the limitations. This is so that you can familiarise yourself with the safety regulations onsite.

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Age & Height

There is a minimum age and height for some of the attractions. In addition to this, there may also be a maximum height. Visitors that are taller than the maximum height cannot use these attractions. These safety regulations and restrictions are provided by the TÜV (German Safety Standards Authority) and must be strictly followed.

In front of every ride that requires a minimum height, you'll find a measuring stick with which you can check if you or your child match the required height.

Children under a specific age and/or height can visit some of our attractions only when accompanied by an adult. You can find which attractions these are on our attraction overview page, by applying the filter 'accompanied by an adult'.

Furthermore, you can insert the age and/or height of your child on the attraction overview page and view the results for all attractions that your child can use.


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Tips for parents

Please take care of your children, as they often easily underestimate potential dangers:

Please make sure that an adult always joins them on the ride.

Always put your children on the inside on circular rides.

Never let your children out of your sight.

Do not sit or lift your children over the barriers of rides, this is dangerous to life and limb!

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Physical condition

For safety reasons, intoxicated persons cannot use any of our attractions. Furthermore, pregnant women and persons with heart, back and other health issues of this kind, also cannot use all of the attractions.

Information about guests with disabilities

Unfortunately, people who are physically disabled cannot use all of the attractions. Please pay attention to the safety rules in the park. We have summarised all tips and information for a fantastic stay for guests with disabilities on our info page.

Information for pregnant women

Using the attraction filter you can easily view online which attractions are suitable or not suitable for pregnant women. Unsuitable attractions are labeled as either 'forbidden' or 'not recommended' attractions. This additional information is displayed directly on the respective attraction details page. Access attraction filter

We also advise you to contact your GP and discuss your stay before visiting Europa-Park.

Information for persons with greater thigh and/or body proportions

Due to the fast ride with lifting forces, Silver Star, blue fire Megacoaster and WODAN-Timburcoaster have a special safety bar system as well as German Safety Standards Authority (TÜV) requirements.

Unfortunately, persons with greater thigh and/or body proportions CANNOT use the rides.

At the entrance of the attraction, a test seat is available. Our employees are happy to assist you.

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Pets, Luggage & GoPros

Please note that pets and sticks as well as other large, pointed, or lose items cannot be taken onto the rides. Such items can endanger yourself as well as others. Filming and photography, with mobile phones or cameras of any kind are strictly prohibited on all major rides and faster merry-go-rounds. Head-mounted GoPros as well as cameras attached to selfie sticks or wristbands are also prohibited. Exceptions can be made for cameras mounted with a suitable chest strap. The decision whether a chest strap is suitable lies with the ride operators only. All lose items need to be stored away and must not be held in the rider's hand. Please follow the operators' instructions.  

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'TÜV Süddeutschland' New Safety Certificate for Europa-Park

Europa-Park is the first theme park in the world to obtain a safety certificate from the 'TÜV Süddeutschland Bau und Betrieb GmbH'. “Europa-Park convinces with the consistency and logic of its safety concept for attractions”, is the conclusion of Wilhelm Schaaf, Head of the Certification Department for Attractions for the TÜV Süddeutschland. As part of the audit, over 40 rides in the park were tested for safety aspects. The basic requirement remains the technical individual tests of the rides according to DIN 4112 (guidelines for dimensioning and execution for temporary constructions), and according to the guidelines for the construction and operation of temporary constructions.

For several weeks, TÜV experts conducted the safety tests, for example, of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic components. They tested, amongst other things, speed and brake action as well as the subjectively-experienced driving sensation, and conducted employee audits.

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Some attractions may only be open in summer or winter. You can find more detailed information on the respective attraction pages, the Europa-Park app and on the park map, available at Europa-Park.

Please note that, due to technical reasons or weather conditions (e.g. during ice, snow, strong wind, unusual high or low temperatures), there may be further closures or changes on various attractions at short notice.