Buy your nearest and dearest an EMOTIONS Gift Card as a present!

The Europa-Park EMOTIONS Gift Card will offer pure happiness to the lucky beneficiary - who can choose to spend it on whatever they like at Europa-Park.

This gift card can be used in exactly the same way as a gift voucher, but at credit card size – it's definitely more practical than vouchers or cash.

How does it work?

Load the EMOTIONS Gift Card, with a EURO value of your choice, in one of the park shops or at the Information Office at the Main Entrance - and then simply start shopping! This card can be used everywhere at the Europa-Park Resort, including Rulantica, as well as in the Europa-Park hotels. It can be used at all shops and for all services of Europa-Park and Rulantica.

Information & Orders:


  • Cashless payment - the gift card value can be used in most outlets throughout Europa-Park, Rulantica and the resort hotels*, or even at events
    You can also pay for your Europa-Park admission tickets using your voucher card.
  • Choose any amount - you decide the EURO value you would like to load on to the card
  • Reusable - you can spend the value all at once or in several steps, you can even reload it
  • Online balance check - check how much credit remains on your card from the comfort of your own home
  • Protection against theft or loss - register your card online to enable you to lock it and transfer it's value should it be stolen or lost
  • Attractive designs - select one of the numerous motifs

Terms & Conditions

  • You can load the gift card with any amount between a minimum of €5 and a maximum of €1.000
  • The gift card can be used by yourself or others
  • The gift card can be used in most outlets throughout Europa-Park, Rulantica and the resort hotels*, or even at events
  • Use your gift card as payment at any till and your purchase amount will be deducted from the value of your gift card
  • You can spend the value of the gift card all at once or in several steps, however any credit remaining on the card cannot not be refunded
  • If the gift card balance is not sufficient, you can pay the difference via another method of payment
  • The gift card can be reloaded in the park shops or resort hotels, or should you not wish to reload your gift card, you can simply keep it
  • The card can not be redeemed for cash
  • Europa-Park accepts no liability in case of loss, theft, or damage - the gift card is considered as cash


The EMOTIONS PLUS Card is a personalised EMOTIONS card which can be cancelled and replaced if stolen or lost. EMOTIONS Gift Cards can be changed, free of charge, into EMOTIONS PLUS Cards at the Information Offices by the Lake or the Euro-Tower, the games hall in the Spanish themed area, the shop in the Austrian themed area, or via the  Europa-Park Guide app (iOS & Android).


* The following outlets do not accept cashless payments: the sweets shop Seute Deern in the German themed area, the games arcades Speel Deel in the Dutch themed area, Sala de Juegos in the Spanish themed area, Salle de jeux chez Nadine in the French themed area, the Market Hall, Red Lions Games Corner, and the Shooting Gallery in the English themed area, Olympia Basketball in the Greece themed area, the smoked salmon stand in the Icelandic themed area, glückskind-Lounge by dm in the Italian themed area, ‘Francek’ hair salon in the hotel ‘Colosseo’, and some machines in Europa-Park and at the parking lot. Subject to change.