Tips for more activities in the region

Europa-Park, situated in the heart of the three boarder triangle, offers a fantastic mix of activity and relaxation in the ‘Europa-Park Region’. Whether an excursion to Basel, to the neighboring country France, or the closer local regions - the Upper Rhine Valley has the perfect experience for everybody.

Upper Rhine Valley

Excursion Tips in Rust

Rheinauen Nature Centre

Experience and discover the fascinating natural world at the Rheinauen learning facilities. The Rheinauen Nature Centre is an educational knowledge centre with a focus on nature conservation, environmental education, and forestry. The centre is located in close proximity to the Camp Resort of Europa-Park.

Of course, there's plenty to experience here:

  • Over 60 different experience offers
  • The first climate change garden Germany-wide
  • Daily bird of prey shows
  • Team training
  • Geocaching
  • Project work
  • Multi-day adventure programs

Further information is available at the Rheinauen Nature Center in the Rust municipality, or on the website.
Phone: 07822 86-4536 | Email: