Eventlocation Weinkeller Enoteca di Siena

Event location Wine Cellar Enoteca di Siena

A Tuscan wine paradise, where Italy's most exquisite wines are hidden in an enchanting ambience

Siena - who doesn't think of Tuscany, great culture, joie de vivre and exquisite flavours all'italiana when they hear this name? Just as unique is the Enoteca di Siena, a small wine cellar that is visually connected to the Medici restaurant above by its glass roof. It's quaint and cosy here, and you can take it for granted that the menu offers not only great Tuscan wines, but also the best Italian wines in general.

Our team in the wine cellar is committed to offering you the best wines and culinary delights of the Siena region and the whole of Italy. Our selection of wines is rich and varied, behind every bottle there is a story, a territory and a passion for wine production.

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Hotel 'Colosseo'
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8 persons
Room area
14 m²
360° view
Banquet seating
8 people
Special equipment
  • Air conditioning
  • No daylight
  • Installable microphone equipment
  • WiFi connection
  • 220V connection

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