Christmas brunch Castillo

Feliz Navidad
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The culinary temptation for the whole family on Boxing Day. Enjoy many delicious international specialties in the festively decorated Castillo restaurant. 


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Castillo (Hotel 'Castillo Alcazar')
11.00am - 2.00pm
Car park
Free of charge in the car park of hotel 'El Andaluz'

Services included in the price

1 glass of Cremant, juices, breakfast coffee
Breakfast & lunch selection 

Breakfast & lunch selection

Original Munich white sausages
with sweet mustard and freshly baked pretzels
Baked beef and pork loaf with mustard and potato salad


Smoked salmon & pickled salmon
Cream of horseradish and dill and mustard sauce

Smoked trout fillet with cranberry cream
Shrimp cocktail with pineapple, mango and mushrooms
Shrimp rouge on ice with aioli

Beef roasted pink with tartar sauce
Serrano ham and Spanish sausage selection with melon
Vitello Tonnato I Capers I Parmesan


Russian salad | Pasta salad with rocket and parmesan
Beetroot salad with nuts and apple | Carrot salad | Cucumber salad
Different leafy salads | Lamb's lettuce with pumpkin seed oil
Homemade dressings and toppings
Eggs | Croutons | Bacon | Radishes | Cherry tomatoes


Asian duck broth with lemon grass I Vegetable strips I Dim Sum

Veal rump roasted pink
Winter vegetables | Potato gratin 

Freshly roasted duck from the oven | Chestnuts
Orange sauce| Red apple cabbage | Potato dumplings

Coq au Vin | Pasta | Carrot vegetables 
Venison goulash with cranberries | Brussels sprouts | Spaetzle
Prawns in red Thai curry with vegetables and fragrant rice

Vegan pumpkin gnocchi | Pumpkin vegetables | Vegan porcini mushroom velouté


Meatballs | Fried potatoes | Carrot and pea vegetables
Rigatoni | Bolognese or tomato sauce
Veal escalope | cream sauce | spaetzle


Fine delicacies from the patisserie

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Feliz Navidad Christmas Brunch

Adults (15+) €54,50 2

Childern (6-14) €19,50 2