South African Weeks

A warm summer evening, the scent of chilli, turmeric and cinnamon in the air and exotic musical sounds reaching your ears: welcome to the South African Weeks!

Let us take you on a sensual journey through the diversity of South African culinary culture. Once again this year, top chef Anita Roux will be creating a varied buffet with all kinds of delicacies from her homeland. Enjoy an unforgettable evening at SPICES - Cuisines of the World, in the middle of Europa-Park in the evening.

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6pm - 11pm
Car park
Free of charge in the car park of hotel 'El Andaluz'


24.07.24 Wednesday - 6:00pm and more
25.07.24 Thursday - 6:00pm and more
26.07.24 Friday - 6:00pm and more
27.07.24 Saturday - 6:00pm and more
28.07.24 Sunday - 6:00pm and more
31.07.24 Wednesday - 6:00pm and more
01.08.24 Thursday - 6:00pm and more
02.08.24 Friday - 6:00pm and more
03.08.24 Saturday - 6:00pm and more
04.08.24 Sunday - 6:00pm and more
07.08.24 Wednesday - 6:00pm and more
08.08.24 Thursday - 6:00pm and more
09.08.24 Friday - 6:00pm and more
10.08.24 Saturday - 6:00pm and more
11.08.24 Sunday - 6:00pm and more
14.08.24 Wednesday - 6:00pm and more
15.08.24 Thursday - 6:00pm and more
16.08.24 Friday - 6:00pm and more
17.08.24 Saturday - 6:00pm and more
18.08.24 Sunday - 6:00pm and more
21.08.24 Wednesday - 6:00pm and more
22.08.24 Thursday - 6:00pm and more
23.08.24 Friday - 6:00pm and more
24.08.24 Saturday - 6:00pm and more
25.08.24 Sunday - 6:00pm and more
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The places and tables will be allocated on site.

Services included in the price

The South African buffet



Leek salad | Curry mayonnaise | Cheddar

Watermelon | Feta | Mint | Onions

Wild herb salad | Mango | Avocado

Congo chicken | Peanuts | Apricot | Dates

Pear | Gorgonzola | Nuts

Strawberries | Goat's cheese | Peanut-caramel crunch

Beetroot | Plum | Chives I Mint

Salad of the day



Soup of the day


Main courses

Bobotie - minced meat casserole | Nutmeg | Coriander

Vegetarian bobotie - lentils | Carrots | Aubergine

Cape Chicken Curry

Game bird


Water buffalo | Pork ribs | Salmon fillet 

Piri-piri chicken | Boerewors


Side dishes

Grenaille potatoes | Sweetcorn pap | Basmati rice | Grilled vegetables

Sweet potatoes | Baked pumpkin



Anita's chocolate cake | Malva pudding

Fresh fruit | Ice cream | Coconut-lime cream

Chocolate mousse | Mango-perisago

Südafrikanische Wochen im SPICES

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Group booking

from 20 people 

The perfect event for large and small groups

South African Weeks

Adults (15+) €46,50 2

Children (6-14) €15,50 2

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