NEW: Distance Radar

Everybody is talking about social distancing - but it is not easy to practice. Distance Radar motivates visitors in a playful way to keep distances during your visit.

  • Keep an eye on your current distances, and find out about your average daily distance (to other app users)
  • Add your companions to the app to exclude them from the distance measurement
  • When you keep appropriate distance, you will get more chances of winning a VIP pass for VirtualLine attractions.

In addition to this, Distance Radar offers tips and information about our measures on-site. Distance Radar is your helpful companion for a safe and comfortable visit to Europa-Park.


Coronavirus has a significant impact on our every day life. We have to adjust and learn new ways of behaviour. The health and safety of our guests and employees has always been our top priority. I addition to plentiful protection and hygiene measures on site, Europa-Park has been working on a potential new app offer during these unprecedented times. Distance Radar (Available in German, English and French).


The main goal of the app is to remind and encourage Europa-Park's visitors in a playful way to maintain the social distancing rules. The use of the app is voluntary, but there are great surprises for all those users who act respectfully and maintain the minimum distance during their stay.

How does the app work?

The smartphones measure the distance to each other. Points are given based on the average distance during the stay. App users will be notified in regular intervals if they don't keep the minimum distance
Members of a family or smallest groups can assign each other to a group in order to exclude the devices from the distance measuring.


We will use the Bluetooth LE (low energy) standard. The distance is being measured based on the signal strength. Each smart phone which has the app installed sends as an iBeacon and scans the area for other devices.

Motivation and surprises

The behaviour will be evaluated from two perspectives:

  • App users can see the distance to other users at any time
  • App users can see their overall score, based on the overall behaviour throughout the day

The overall score will be displayed in form of a speedometer. This is split into three areas:

  • Red: The overall behaviour disregards the social distancing guidelines
  • Yellow: There is room for improvement
  • Green: The average behaviour is (very) good, social distancing has been observed

On top of the visual motivation within the app we are planning to offer all those visitors who are in the green area of the speedometer the chance to win priority access to selected attractions several times throughout the day.

Data Protection

Data security and the privacy of the app users are paramount when developing this app. We are in close contact with experts and are implementing several technical solutions in order to guarantee that.


For press inquiries or interest in the project, please get in touch at:, or by calling us at +49 7822 77-18288

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