Park Rules

Park and Parking Rules and Regulations for visitors at Europa-Park

Welcome to Europa-Park, A day full of discovery and awe-inspiring experiences at Germany’s largest theme park awaits you. The whole Europa-Park team wishes you an enjoyable visit and memories that may last a lifetime.We would however like to point out our rules and regulations which apply on all of Europa-Park’s premises (park, hotels, and park-ing areas). We request that you please act carefully and with consideration; above all this means to take responsibility for yourself and for others. Don’t forget the elementary rules of politeness. Furthermore, we ask you to respect and adhere to the following park rules and regulations, which form the basis of your stay at Europa-Park.


1. Parking


1.1. The rules and symbols of the German traffic code also apply to our car parks.

1.2. Visitors to Europa-Park must park their vehicles in the designated parking area. Hotel guests please park in the marked spaces at the hotel resort which are reserved for you. The employee parking area is reserved exclusively for employees of Europa-Park.

1.3. Instructions provided by Europa-Park personnel in the parking areas must be followed.

1.4. Please park your vehicle in designated parking spots only. If your vehicle is parked in a non-designated area, and is therefore blocking traffic or other visitors, Europa-Park will have to tow your vehicle at your own cost and risk.

1.5. The designated parking areas are not monitored. The parking fee is therefore for the use of the parking areas only, and not for the protection of the vehicle. Please ensure that doors, windows, boot, and sunroof are closed and locked. Please don’t leave any valuables visible in the car. You are not allowed to leave pets/animals in the car. In case of theft or damage by others, we cannot accept liability and will not pay any compensation. This also applies when the damage is caused by storm, fire, hail, explosion or other extraordinary occurrences. If you think damage has been caused by a Europa-Park employee you should report this immedi-ately after noticing the damage – if at all possible during your stay at Europa-Park. Europa-Park will accept liability only if damage is caused intentionally or as an act of gross negligence by employees of Europa-Park.


2. Admission


2.1. You may only enter Europa-Park premises with valid admission tickets through the marked entrances. Access to Europa-Park via the hotel entrance is for hotel guests only.

2.2. Keep your admission tickets with you throughout your stay in the park and produce them for our staff if requested to do so. The admission ticket allows you to enter the park during the opening times stated. If the park has to be closed early due to tech-nical, organisational or operational issues, or due to severe weather, beyond the control of Europa-Park, you will have no right to reclaim the full admission price or parts of it.

2.3. Entrance authorisation becomes invalid when you leave the park site. If you leave the park area for a short period of time please contact a member of staff at the entrance control who will authorise you to re-enter the park.

2.4. Children aged under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18+). Accompanying persons and parents are responsible for the children in their group. Some events may have different rules. Please note respective information which can be found in our brochures, online, and through our members of staff.

2.5. Selling vouchers, admission tickets, or free tickets to Europa-Park on the parking area or on Europa-Park’s premises is not per-mitted. If you have a spare ticket or a ticket that you won’t be using, please speak to the information office at the main entrance.


3. General Safety


3.1. The orders of Europa-Park staff have to be followed in your own interest.

3.2. All visitors are asked to behave correctly and appropriately. Disturbance of the public order, inappropriate behaviour, distur-bance of other visitors or of the park operation, verbal or physical abuse, defamation, defiance of the park rules, etc. may prompt Europa-Park to take appropriate action, such as a ban from the park, criminal prosecution or similar measures. Europa-Park reserves the right to eject visitors without compensation whose behaviour suggests that they endanger or disturb themselves or other visitors.

3.3. Weapons and offensive items (pistols, knives, chains, knuckle-dusters, fireworks, etc.), nor any kind of discriminatory, violence glorifying, or anti-constitutional material must not be carried within the park site.

3.4. Drones and any kind of remote controlled toys are not allowed on Europa-Park premises.

3.5. You are not allowed to take bike locks into Europa-Park unless used to secure pushchairs or similar. Pushchairs have to be parked within the marked area or somewhere where they do not block the pass or if they are slightly away from the attractions. Pushchairs may be removed due to safety reasons.

3.6. You are not allowed to take any kind of gas-filled balloon into Europa-Park.

3.7. Large items such as big suitcases cannot be taken into Europa-Park. Please use the lockers provided near the main entrance.

3.8. For safety reasons motorised and non-motorised modes of transport such as skates, bikes, scooters, E-scooters, etc. are not allowed at Europa-Park, unless they can be proven to be a requirement for health reasons. Written authorisation for such use must be sought prior to arrival.

3.9. Loud noise and loud music are prohibited. Items that might disturb other people such as vuvuzelas, megaphones, horns, or musical instruments, must not be taken into the park.

3.10. All fire service regulations must be observed at all times. Smoking is not permitted in the attractions, waiting areas, shows, during performances, or where big groups of people gather, as well as in the designated non-smoking areas. Please consider other people.

3.11. Barbecues are not allowed and no cooking equipment may be taken into the park.

3.12. Visitors must not leave the paths and squares.

3.13. It is forbidden to access stages, backstage areas, sets, and maintenance areas. Do not attempt to climb over barriers, fences, and walls.

3.14. Swimming is not allowed in any of the natural or artificial lakes and it is forbidden to walk on any frozen water.

3.15. Due to bad weather (rain, ice, snow or similar) it can be slippery at the park. This also applies for artificial snowfall as well as decorative artificial snow during the winter season; especially close to the winter attractions and attractions with snow. Visitors are advised to exercise caution and necessary care within the whole area of Europa-Park, also to pay attention to areas cordoned off with ropes, fences, trees or similar, to ensure non-slippery footwear is worn at all times, avoid fast walking or running and use available railings.

3.16. We ask all visitors to dress appropriately. Tops and shoes must be worn at all times.

3.17. Europa-Park reserves the right to refuse visitors which are for example face painted, dressed or tattooed in such a way that other guests, especially children, could be offended, or who are dressed in such a way that they could be mistaken for employees or performers of Europa-Park, to be expelled from the park at any time without compensation. Complete covering of the face is prohibited. Veiling for religious reasons and mouth-nose masks are permitted.

3.18. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a short leash and supervised at all times. Dangerous dogs according to the law on keeping dogs are not allowed in the park. Dogs are not permitted at shows, on rides, and in the specially marked areas of the park. Companion dogs which are marked as such are allowed in certain shows. Dogs have to be right next to their owners and instructions by the show assistance have to be followed. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog; a suitable means of cleaning up must be carried at all times (e.g. a poop scoop and disposable bag). Other animals are not allowed in the park.

3.19. The consumption of large quantities or high-percentage alcohol, the possession or consumption of illegal narcotics, as well as means of their consumption is forbidden and will be punished accordingly. This also applies to medical cannabis products which are suitable for smoking, unless the possession and the need to carry those with you can be proven by a medical note.

3.20. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs might be barred from the park premises. The consumption and possession of illegal drugs is forbidden and will be punished accordingly.

3.21. Searching garbage, collection or collection containers is prohibited. The content in the designated containers is the property of Europa-Park. Any removal or transfer from the site is prohibited


4. Using the facilities and rides at Europa-Park


4.1. The facilities at Europa-Park are at your disposal for as long as you observe the rules of their use.

4.2. Opening times of rides, attractions, shows, and other facilities might be different from the opening times of Europa-Park. Outages of attractions or shows due to power cuts or other circumstances shall not result in an entitlement to a full or partial refund of the admission fee paid.

4.3. In case of strong winds, impaired visibility, thunderstorms or severe weather, Europa-Park shall be entitled to shut down the operation of individual or all rides and facilities for the protection of visitors. There shall be no entitlement to a full or partial refund of the admission fee paid.

4.4. Certain rides, attractions, shows, or other facilities are open only during certain times of the season or may be closed due to construction or operational or organisational reasons. Such closures may occur without prior notice.

4.5. Technical or organisational outages of individual rides, attractions, shows, or other facilities shall not result in an entitlement to a full or partial refund of the admission fee paid.

4.6. Some rides, attractions, and shows require their users to be in good general health and their use is at your own risk. The safety measures must be used and the safety regulations observed.

4.7. Visitors are obliged to check their own health and to consider potential risks beforehand. They are further obliged to famil-iarise themselves with the terms of use as well as the safety regulations. Europa-Park reserves the right to suspend individuals from riding if there is a safety risk, i.e. due to height, body shape, physical or mental conditions, disabilities, pregnancy, etc. A suspension due to a safety risk is never undertaken on the grounds of discrimination – its sole purpose is to protect the individual.

4.8. Please be especially careful when entering and exiting rides, attractions, shows, or other facilities. Orders issued by Europa-Park staff must be followed – failing to do so or maliciously ignoring an order will result in suspension from using any or all rides in the park. Ongoing failure to do so may result in your ejection from the park. There is no entitlement to a full or partial refund of the admission fee paid. This also applies if you attempt to push to the front of the queue.

4.9. The use of play areas and similar facilities is at your own risk. Adults must not use play areas. Height and age restrictions are to be observed. Adults are liable for their children.

4.10. Due to safety risks you are not allowed to carry loose items with you in the attraction. Cameras, mobile phones, keys and similar loose items in particular must be stored away securely before entering the ride. Europa-Park does not accept liability for stored items.

4.11. You will be held liable for all damage caused by ignoring the rules for use (i.e. through carrying loose items) or malicious damage.


5. Duty of supervision


Parents and accompanying persons have the sole duty of care with regard to their children. Furthermore they are also respon-sible for any damage caused by the people in their charge, even if the guarding person is not on site on the day of visit.


6. Advertising and sales of products and services


Publicity within Europa-Park premises and the parking area, as well as the sale of products and services is only permitted with the prior written consent of the park management. This also applies to conducting public opinion polls and taking counts. Advertising and announcements for organisations, associations, interest groups and individual ideas are prohibited within the area of the park and inside all buildings, rides etc. and will be punished in each case with expulsion from the park and civil prosecution for the disturbance of domestic peace and security.


7. Filming and photography for public purposes


7.1. CCTV cameras are in operation at Europa-Park. This surveillance is for your own safety and the safety of Europa-Park staff, as well as to protect the rides and facilities.

7.2. Official filming and photography of Europa-Park is frequently undertaken on behalf of the park. The areas and attractions where filming or photography is taking place are marked wherever possible.

7.3. Taking photos and recordings for private use is permitted as long as other guests are not disturbed or affected. Professional photo and film shoots used for commercial purposes are only allowed with written permission. Please contact the Europa-Park PR Department for permission.


8. Visitor Security Checks


8.1. All visitors wishing to enter the park premises (to which these Park Rules apply) must declare their consent to the voluntary security checks performed by the security staff of Europa-Park. All instructions outlined by the security personnel must be fol-lowed. Any lack of cooperation may result in the direct refusal of entry to the park for the unwilling party. The security personnel are authorised to examine visitors who they may deem as posing a threat to safety due to alcohol consumption, drug abuse, or carrying a weapon. All visitors must declare their consent to the possible examination of their clothing, luggage or containers carried on their person.

8.2. Security personnel are authorised to ban visitors who may pose a threat to safety from the park’s environs.

8.3. The same applies to visitors who refuse to submit themselves or their personal effects for security checks. In addition to this, security personnel are authorised to seize any goods deemed not in accordance with the Park Rules (i.e. drugs, weapons, etc.).

8.4. Security personnel are authorised to carry out random security checks on visitors already on the park premises.


9. Limitation of Liability


9.1. Europa-Park is liable for all damage caused by culpable violation of an essential contractual obligation by Europa-Park or Europa-Park employees or due to gross negligence or intent.

9.2. In the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, liability in the case of simple negligence is limited to damage typical of this kind of contract that could reasonably have been foreseen.

9.3. Unaffected by this are liability due to injury to life, limb or health, liability under the German Product Liability Act, liability in the case of fraudulently concealed defects, and liability in the event of the provision of a guarantee for the properties of an item.

9.4. Europa-Park is not liable for items that are handed over to Europa-Park employees or otherwise stored or deposited on the premis-es of the park. No liability is accepted for items (for example, mobile phones, jewellery, cameras, clothing, etc.), which sustain damage or are destroyed or lost during the use of rides, attractions, shows or facilities.


10. Damage reports


All the facilities in the park are maintained and supervised carefully. Nevertheless, if you suffer any damage or injury for no fault of your own please report this to the information office before leaving the park. Please also report to us if you suspect that damage may occur later, as a result of some event. Complaints for compensation will not be accepted if a damage report is not made before you leave the park, when to do so would have been possible and reasonable.


11. House rule violation and park expulsion


The violation of any of the above park and parking rules and regulations may result in ejection from the park without com-pensation, at the discretion of Europa-Park staff and/or management.



Addition to our park rules for the period of the Covid 19 pandemic


1. These additional park rules augment the existing park rules, in particular health and hygiene measures including social distancing regulations and restrictions on park access to protect the health of visitors as well as our employees.
If payment is made, this should be cashless if possible.


2. All visitors to Europa-Park are subject to special rules of conduct and hygiene measures to prevent infection during their visit to the facility. They include:

a. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other visitors and employees is maintained throughout the park site. When visiting Europa-Park, avoid forming groups or creating clusters of people. Standing together or walking together is only permitted up to a maximum of two persons or within a demonstrably existing family/household. 
The aforementioned social distancing requirements shall also and in particular apply in checkout and queuing areas, in washrooms, in front of and in shops, catering facilities and similar buildings. Physical contact, in particular shaking hands or hugging, must be avoided.

b. It is imperative that specifications and social distancing regulations, which are implemented by means of pictograms, marked lines and markings, among other things, be observed. The same applies to separate distancing and capacity guidelines.

c. Care must be taken to ensure that hands are washed regularly and thoroughly with soap and water.

d. We would like to point out that according to the government regulations of Baden-Württemberg from the 18th October 2020, a mouth-nose mask must be worn in all public areas where a minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained. Regardless of this, we make use of our house rules and order that a mouth-nose mask must also be worn in the outdoor areas of Europa-Park, if a minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained. A mask (covering the mouth and nose) must be worn in all closed rooms, irrespective of the kind of roofing and queuing areas that are present, as well as on rides where this is mandated separately. We ask for your understanding with regard to your own safety and that of our employees. The wearing of a face mask is obligatory from six years of age. The instructions of our employees must be fully complied with.

e. Health-related safety and hygiene specifications require that people’s presence in closed rooms / roofed areas / queuing areas be limited to the use of the respective attraction.

f. The instructions and access restrictions on site must be observed and are monitored.

g. Coughing or sneezing must be done in the crook of the arm, covering the mouth and nose.


3. Please make sure you are in good health before visiting Europa-Park. Persons with a fever, cold symptoms, a high temperature and/or symptoms of a respiratory infection will not be permitted to enter Europa-Park, as it is important to avoid transmission of coronavirus when visiting Europa-Park and appropriate measures are necessary to protect all visitors.
Visitors who in the last 14 days have had contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 will not be permitted entry to Europa-Park. We are entitled to take non-contact temperature readings before entry as well as within the park and, in case of justified suspicion, additional contact ear thermometer readings may also be taken. In the event that elevated temperatures and/or cold symptoms become apparent during their stay at Europa-Park, we are entitled to initially isolate the visitors for the purpose of further testing and to prohibit further visits to the park without the possibility of a refund of the entry fee paid or travel expenses incurred.
Admission to Europa-Park is only granted after visitors have provided their first and last name, the date, the start and end of their visit as well as the visitor’s telephone number or address. This is done for the purpose of us providing information to health authorities or local police authorities. We erase this data four weeks after collection. General regulations concerning the processing of personal data remain unaffected.


4. Please make sure when travelling to Europa-Park that you do not carpool with people outside of your own household. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that there is sufficient space for each vehicle in the parking area provided by us, so that the minimum distance between individual persons can be maintained. The directions of the instructing personnel on site must be complied with.


5.  Not all amusement park attractions may be available during your visit. For reasons of hygiene, individual attractions may be closed or become closed during your visit to the park. It is also possible that some park areas are not or not fully accessible or may be closed during your visit for reasons of hygiene.
In these cases, there is no entitlement to a refund or partial refund of the entry fee.


6. The instructions of our employees that concern health and hygiene requirements and access restrictions must also be complied with.


7. With respect to catering, the hygiene regulations and social distancing regulations, which may be additionally specified by the respective catering location, must be observed at all times.


8. In the event of a serious or repeated violation of individual and/all of the aforementioned requirements, we are entitled to send the individual off the premises or issue a ban on entering the premises or expel you from Europa-Park without any entitlement to reimbursement of the entry fee paid.


9. In addition, the Ordinance of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Economics on the Containment of Transmissions of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Amusement Parks (Corona-Verordnung Freizeitparks-Corona VO Freizeitparks; “Corona Ordinance Amusement Parks-Corona Ord Amusement Parks”) from 28/05/2020 applies.


Status: May 2020, subject to change.