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2016 Novelties - Europa-Park is getting greener

Please see below for the video in English

The new themed area Ireland - Children's World is now open and waiting to be discovered!

Visitors can once again expect many great surprises and innovations this season. And so, between the French and English themed areas, the existing Children’s World has been given a new theme in the form of the Emerald Isle. Set amid the hills of Ireland, lies an idyllic little fishing village. Here visitors can board the children’s swingboat Dancing Dingie, ride the children’s rollercoaster Ba-a-a-Express, or take a trip on a tractor at Old Mac Donald’s Tractor Fun. There are many new attractions for the whole family to explore in this fairytale oasis. The large, covered play area Limerick Castle also guarantees memorable adventures at any time of the year, while the new gastronomic offering The O’Mackay’s Cafe and Pub, the new shop Shamrock Gifts and Treats, and a new show are sure to entice visitors.

Allow yourself to become enchanted by our new shows and specials throughout the Winter Season. The spectacular MAGIC ICE Exhibition in the Spanish Arena is sure to take you on a magical journey through time with 30 hand-made ice sculptures depicting the history of Europa-Park. In the Mercedes-Benz Hall, the new Janosch exhibition is a delight for all ages, inviting you to discover works new and old by the beloved children’s artist. Also, why not pay a visit to Edda’s Castle Show at the Limerick Castle and take in the new ice show, Surpr’Ice, with Santa Claus’ son.

New in 2016

The 4D Magic Cinema boasts a new adventure entitled ‘Happy Family’. The film was produced by MackMedia and centres on the extremely ordinary Wünschmann family, who are experiencing an extremely ordinary day at a theme park. ‘Happy Family’ is shown in rotation with the 4D adventure ‘The Time Carousel’.

Soar through digital worlds on a real roller coaster and experience 'Coastiality'. Besides the ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’ with Ed Euromaus in the Austrian-themed area, visitors can also race through the scarily beautiful ‘Happy Family’ world on ‘Pegasus Coastiality’ with the aid of Samsung Gear VR-glasses.

Viewers of all ages can discover the story behind Europa-Park in the Enchanted Forest cinema. Ed Euromaus will once again be facing up to his adversary, the Nachtkrabb, in the fantastic short film from MackMedia.

In the Dutch-themed area, the sweet scents of Poffertjes lure visitors to the 'Molencafé' will lure visitors from a distance. In addition, visitors can taste delicious French fries cooked in typical Dutch style at the new 'Friethuys'. With the addition of the new ‘Luxembourg Square’ the activities area has become a new landmark.