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Halloween 2023

Eerily beautiful Halloween at Europa-Park

28.09.2024 – 03.11.2024

At Europa-Park, it's all about excitement, horror and Halloween in autumn, with hundreds of thousands of pumpkins, apples, corn plants, and bales of straw, creating an eerily-wonderful scenery. Against this autumn backdrop, vampires and goblins will haunt the streets. The show programme, the parade, the gastronomy as well as the hotels and attractions ensure a gruesome horror experience.

Our Halloween season is a great event for the whole family, including small children.

Please note: Fancy dress is not permitted in order to avoid mix-ups between our actors and guests. 

Europa-Park is open daily from 9am until at least 6pm during Halloween.

In need of a short break?

Spend a short holiday at Europa-Park: Enjoy a magical time with your loved ones full of fun, indulgence, action and adventures and make new memories of a wonderful stay at the Europa-Park Resort.

Europa-Park tickets are available online at or at the best price in combination with an overnight stay at!

All tickets with and without overnight stay as well as the special rates for guests with disabilities, school classes and groups can be found under 'Tickets & Offers'.

Tickets can be purchased on-site at the ticket office with a €10¹ surcharge on the online ticket price. Tickets without a specific date must be dated before visiting at If the tickets are not dated at admissions check, entry to Europa-Park cannot be guaranteed. A service fee of €10¹ per ticket applies to for subsequent on-site dating.

New attractions

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Breathtaking entertainment during Halloween

Clear the stage for great emotions: Unique show acts provide spectacular entertainment for all age groups.
With up to 23 hours of show programme every day, Europa-Park offers plenty of unforgettable moments! Whether it's artistic masterpieces, varied dance and song interludes, funny sketches or fantastic magic - we have something for everyone.

In addition, our seasonally changing shows provide endless entertainment, no matter the season!

We are still working on the show programme for the 2024 Halloween season - let us surprise you!


Ice Arena (Greece)

Spectacular entertainment on ice

Sit back and be enchanted by the winning combination of glamorous performance and top-class figure skating! Graceful pirouettes, powerful leaps, and elegant lifts offer the audience a masterclass in figure skating entertainment.

El Baron in der Europa-Park Arena im Themenbereich Spanien

Spanish Arena (Spain)

Breathtaking stunt show with horses

The Arena Show takes you way, way back in time: In the formidable setting of the Spanish Arena, there can be only one winner in the fight between good and evil! Witness breathtaking stunts performed on horseback and impressive special effects which make sure that you won't forget our 'Arena Show' any time soon.

Times Three - The Acrobatic Show, tanzende Gruppe

Globe Theater (England)

Unique experience

The Globe Theater is modelled on the Elizabethan Globe Theatre that was host to many of the great William Shakespeare's plays in his day. Even now, the stage is filled with pure entertainment. Experience world famous musicals with impressive dance performances and captivating songs that will blur the borders between the stage and the audience.

Teatro Blick auf Bühne während Show

Europa-Park Teatro (Italy)

Superb artistry, dance, and comedy

Enjoy a fantastic show programme in a stylish, baroque setting: thrilling musicians, magical entertainers and world-class artists ensure world-class entertainment.

Fontänenshow "Wiener Wasser Walzer"

Tons of entertainment (Austria)

Dancing water fountains and fantastic ambience

Discover the unique show programme on our large lake in the Austria themed area. Every season we offer you new amazing show acts, accompanied by the beautiful scenery of the lake.

Schwarz Hintergrund

Spook Me! 2 - The popular Europa-Park musical continues

Ten years later, the time has finally come: after the overwhelming success of the first Europa-Park musical 'Spook Me!', the sequel now follows and celebrates its premiere in the Halloween season. The story of King Borbar, Lily and Tao continues! Immerse yourself in an adventurous musical experience that will delight young and old alike with rousing melodies, breathtaking stage design and a captivating story. Let yourself be whisked away into a world of horror and magic by the artful staging and detailed costumes.

Spook Me! 2 is included in Europa-Park admission and is performed during the Halloween season.

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A stay full of action and adventure

Thanks to Europa-Park's extensive decorations, Halloween becomes a truly colourful spectacle! With over 180,000 pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, the park landscape is transformed into a magical place full of spookiness and excitement that invites you to marvel.

A captivating highlight for the daring adventurers among our guests is undoubtedly scary daytime maze. Here, terrifying actors lurk in the shadows, ready to send a shiver down your spine. Only the bravest will take up the challenge and face the spooky happenings.

For little ghosts and ghouls, the gate opens to the Halloween Village, where terrifyingly beautiful surprises are waiting to be discovered. A place full of fun Halloween moments that will make young hearts skip a beat.

Immerse yourself in the spooky splendour of Europa-Park during Halloween: With 17 European themed areas and more than 100 attractions, Europa-Park has something for even the most adventurous of visitors!

Unique VR experiences in the middle of the park: discover the exciting action of YULLBE GO in the blue fire Dome. A new VR ride experience awaits you at Alpenexpress Coastiality and Eurosat Coastiality attractions.


Eerie moments for horror fans

The eerie day maze, next to the majestic WODAN Timburcoaster, is a truly frightening experience for horror fans! The creepy house presents itself as a dark hideout, full of living actors whose mission is to scare the daytime visitors. An adventure with an extra dose of horror!

Attractions for action fans

Kinder im Feria Swing-Karussell

Spooks for little vampires

With spooky decorations and dark sounds, the spectacular Feria Swing attraction in the Spanish themed area will be transformed into the Flight of the Vampires for Halloween. 
The dynamic ride gives young bats the chance to test their courage. 

Attractions for children

Koffiekopjes in der Halloweensaison

Spooky fun for young and old

With flashes of lightning and eerie music, the Koffiekopjes are transformed into the Griezelkopjes in the charming Dutch themed area. 
The darkness and the haunting music make the ride feel even faster and provide spooky fun for the whole family! 

Attractions for the whole family 

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Eerily delicious!

If you need a little refreshment after the shock, you can make yourself comfortable in one of more than 50 park restaurants and enjoy a wide selection of devilishly tasty delicacies. 
Enjoy Asian specialities at the exotic Bamboe Baai, discover dishes from different continents at SPICES - Cuisines of the World or pop into our Nordic Kaffí Hús and enjoy the cosy lounge atmosphere with delicious coffee and cake! 
Throughout the park there will also be special Halloween dishes.

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