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Rider Guide for guests with disabilities at Europa-Park

Due to the movements, speeds, restraint systems and the effects involved, some of our attractions place higher demands on the body and mind than those experienced in everyday life.

The instructions given by employees must be understood and it must be possible to follow them. If necessary, the provision of information must be guaranteed by an accompanying person who is at least 16 years of age and has unrestricted capability of movement, sight and hearing.

At some of our attractions, there may be sudden changes of direction, speed changes or changes in position, steps, thresholds, automatically opening / closing doors and crash edges, or the speed and manoeuvres can be controlled by the passenger.

Please therefore note the following table, which shows you whether a ride at attractions is problem-free, when accompanied by a person who is at least 16 years of age and has unrestricted capability of movement, sight and hearing.

Visitors with impaired vision or blindness

Possible when accompanied

Attractions that people with visual impairments/blindness can only use when accompanied by a person who is at least 16 years of age and has unrestricted capability of movement, sight and hearing.
Alpenexpress Enzian (rollercoaster, Austria), Alpenexpress Enzian 'Coastiality' (Virtual Reality rollercoaster, Austria), ARTHUR (Junior rollercoaster, Kingdom of the Minimoys), Atlantica SuperSplash (water ride , Portugal), blue fire Megacoaster (Rollercoaster, Iceland), Euro-Mir (rollercoaster, Russia), Eurosat Can-Can-Coaster (dark rollercoaster, France), Eurosat Coastiality (Virtual Reality rollercoaster, France), Football Scooter (Auto Scooter, England), Matterhorn-Blitz (Wilde Maus rollercoaster, Switzerland), Pegasus (junior rollercoaster, Greece), Pirates in Batavia (themed boat ride, Holland), Poseidon (water slide, Greece), Quipse Paddle Boats (children's boat ride, Ireland), Silver Star (rollercoaster, France), Silverstone-Piste (rail ride, England), Snorri Tours (themed ride, Scandinavia), Swiss Bob Run (bobsleigh, Switzerland), Vintage Cars (rail ride, Germany), Wodan - Timburcoaster (wooden rollercoaster, Iceland)

Not possible even when accompanied

Attractions that are unfortunately not possible for people with visual impairments/blindness to ride:
Ghost castle (ghost train, Italy), Fjord Rafting (water slide, Scandinavia)

Please note: The attractions Alpenexpress Enzian and Alpenexpress Coastiality are temporarily closed.

General information for the use of the attractions

Please only use an attraction if you are physically able to do so. If you are not sure whether an attraction is suitable for you, speak to your doctor before visiting Europa-Park and contact our guest service.

Have your accompanying person describe the attraction to you before you set off or speak to our staff at the information and attractions. They will be happy to answer your questions and explain the attractions to you.

Please also note the following points

Some systems have a minimum age, a minimum size and a maximum size. If a person falls below or above these values, use cannot be permitted. You will find a measuring stick at the entrance to the rides so you can check the relevant size. Our staff will be happy to help you.

High lifting forces occur on some of our rides, such as blue fire Megacoaster, Silver Star and WODAN- Timburcoaster, These use special restraint systems. The use of these restraint systems is not permitted for people who have a large thigh and/or body size that prevents it from function properly. You will find a test seat at the entrance to the rides.

People who are under the noticeable influence of alcohol, drugs or medication are not permitted to use rides.

People with acute injuries or who have recently had an operation may not be allowed to use rides.

Dogs are not allowed to rides, attend shows or specially marked areas of the park. Companion and service dogs who marked as such may be taken into selected shows.

Loose, pointed or bulky objects or aids may not be taken onto a ride, as these could be thrown out during the ride and other visitors could be endangered or injured. These objects must be deposited in the designated storage space while driving or must be stowed safely while driving. If an evacuation is necessary, your medically necessary aids, such as long stick for the blind, will be brought.

For people with disabilities who can use a ride, evacuation may take longer as this is handled by specially trained staff.

Getting in and out must be done independently. If necessary, with the help of an accompanying person who is at least 16 years old and who has the capacity for unrestricted movement, sight and hearing.

Communication with our employees must be possible and their instructions must be followed. There must be the ability to take notice of signs and/or loudspeaker announcements.

Guide for people with visual impairment


In the 'Guide for people with visual impairment', you can find all relevant information as well as an overview of our attractions

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