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Voletarium: Sky Explorers

Voletarium: Sky Explorers

The fast paced mobile game

In the mobile game 'Voletarium: Sky Explorers' you can live the dream of flying! How? By going in search of the legendary flying machine 'Volatus II'. In the Voletarium, the former workshop of the inventors Eulenstein, you can develop your own flying machines in order to follow the tracks of the 'Volatus II' through foreign lands at lofty heights.

Cleverly combine different parts, because only with the perfect combination of wings, bodies and boosters will you be able to master the various challenges in the air. How does your aircraft react to wind, water and heat?
And what role do size and weight play? True Sky Explorers know the answers to these questions!

Become a Sky Explorer in 3 steps

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Create your own flying machine!


Explore foreign countries, collect parts and master challenges!

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Upgrade your flying machine and become a true Sky Explorer!

Voletarium: Sky Explorers

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Hundreds of years ago, Kaspar and Eckbert Eulenstein decided to put their dream of flying into action.
For years, the two visionaries worked tirelessly on a variety of flying machines. It was in their workshop, the Voletarium, that they turned their dream into a reality. 

Around 1825, the Eulenstein brothers suddenly disappeared without a trace.
Vague hints were discovered in the Voletarium which suggested that the brothers had successfully built a functioning flying machine named Volatus II. 

In honour of the Eulenstein brothers, two young relatives named Lawrence and Emily have decided to prove that the historical flight of Volatus II was successful. So join them and help them track down the mysterious Volatus II!

These are the game's heroes



My father always tried to make me into someone like him – he wanted me to be a treasurer. He has always dampened Emily’s and my spirit of adventure, and he tried to prevent us from having contact with our uncles, the Eulenstein brothers. But just like my uncle Eckbert, I am fascinated by technology and flying. Using his plans, I built an aircraft. It’s surely not the best, but I hope that it will be good enough to start with. Let’s go!



I want to be free, I want to fly! I’ve never cared about what others think – the most important thing is that there’s enough adventure in my life! I will prove that the brothers Eckbert and Kaspar Eulenstein really built the Volatus II … and that they flew it as well. That’s simply how it must have been, they are my heroes! I can hardly wait!



I was built by the brothers Eckbert and Kaspar Eulenstein. Unfortunately, I could not follow if and how they completed the Volatus II. It is an honour for me to help Emily and Lawrence and to follow in the footsteps of my builders. It’s time for us to leave!

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Voletarium: Sky Explorers

Don't just dream of flying... become a Sky Explorer and discover the sky

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Did you know...?'

Im Flying Theatre Voletarium entdeckt man Europa


You can also visit the Voletarium from the mobile game in real life! In June 2017, the biggest flying theatre in Europe opened its doors in Europa-Park. With nine freely movable gondolas in two gigantic cinema rooms, the feeling of flight is conveyed. And who knows, while visiting the Voletarium, you may find some hints that could be useful in the mobile game. Keep your eyes open during your visit!

To Voletarium

Would you like to know how Project V became a world first? Find out everything about the creation of the Voletarium!

Adventure Club of Europe

Adventure Club of Europe

Emily and Lawrence are the niece and nephew of the well-known ACE members Kaspar and Eckbert Eulenstein. The Eulenstein brothers conducted the first manned flight in history back in 1825. Find out more about the Eulenstein brothers and other exciting adventures on the official website of the Adventure Club of Europe.

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Voletarium Sky Explorer Game Soundtrack

Voletarium Sky Explorers Soundtrack

Download the original 'Voletarium: Sky Explorers' soundtrack, produced by IMAscore for MackMusic.

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