15 European themed areas at Europa-Park and 9 Nordic themed areas in our new Indoor Water World Rulantica. If you want to experience it all then we recommend our new package packed with 3 days of fun and adventures for the whole family! Show enthusiasts and rollercoaster fans, water lovers and surfers alike will get their money’s worth.

Bookable depending on availability during the winter season of Europa-Park from 28.11.2019 until 06.01.2020 (except 24./25.12.2019).


  • 2 overnight stays incl. breakfast buffet in one of the 4-star (superior) hotels   
  • Entrance to all sauna and pool areas of the Europa-Park hotels as well as the gym
  • 2 days admission to Europa-Park per person
  • 1 day admission to Rulantica pro person, visit on the day of departure (fixed date)   

Book online 

When you book online, please select your date and number of persons first, second your hotel and room, then you will be able to select the package-deal under 'choose rates'.

4-Star Themed Hotel 'El Andaluz' & 'Castillo Alcazar': 

  Adultes (aged 12+) Children (aged 4-11)
5-bed Room     247,50 EUR 189,50 EUR
4-bed Room 269,50 EUR 200,50 EUR
3-bed Room 288,50 EUR 219,50 EUR
Double Room 333,50 EUR 265,50 EUR
Single Room 453,50 EUR -

4-Star Superior Hotel 'Colosseo' & 'Santa Isabel':

  Adultes (aged 12+) Children (aged 4-11)
5/6-bed Room 265,50 EUR 198,50 EUR
4-bed Room 283,50 EUR 209,50 EUR
3-bed Room 302,50 EUR 230,50 EUR
Double Room 350,50 EUR 279,50 EUR
Single Room 479,50 EUR -

4-Star Superior Hotel 'Bell Rock' & 'Krønasår':

  Adultes (aged 12+) Children (aged 4-11)
5/6-bed Room 273,50 EUR 204,50 EUR
4-bed Room 292,50 EUR 215,50 EUR
3-bed Room 312,50 EUR 237,50 EUR
Double Room 362,50 EUR 288,50 EUR
Single Room 497,50 EUR -

All prices per person.