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Does the price per night include park admission tickets?

Tickets for Europa-Park, for Rulantica, for YULLBE and for Eatrenalin are not automatically included in the room rates. There are selected offers that include tickets for Europa-Park, Rulantica, YULLBE and / or Eatrenalin. In these cases it will be explicitly pointed out. In the first step of the online booking, an overnight stay in one of the Europa-Park hotels is displayed. In a further step, the various admission tickets can be added.

Where do I collect my Europa-Park, Rulantica, YULLBE and Eatrenalin admission tickets?

You will receive your admission tickets at your hotel reception on your arrival day. Please contact your hotel reception before going to Europa-Park, Rulantica, YULLBE or Eatrenalin and be sure to bring your booking confirmation. If you have booked a stay at the hotel ‘Castillo Alcazar’ please go to the reception of hotel ‘El Andaluz’.

Is it an advantage to purchase the entry ticket in advance?

In combination with a stay at the Europa-Park hotels, you will always benefit from the cheapest entry price for Europa-Park. In order to secure this advantage, we recommend booking the tickets directly when you book your stay. You don't have to define the Europa-Park visiting day when you book, but can instead choose freely during your stay. Generally speaking, a multi-day ticket is cheaper than buying individual one-day tickets.

How can I book more than one room?

This, too, is possible online!

Simply book one room after another. You can book another room straight after each finalised booking. All bookings will be connected to each other if you are using the same account for all of them, or if you add a note during the booking process.

Only rarely are rooms requested for identical bookings, such as 5 double rooms. However, Europa-Park hotel guests are given the greatest possible flexibility when booking a room. Therefore, every reservation can be individualised to a great extent - from the room to the tickets for Europa-Park as well as Rulantica, and much more. To ensure that this process does not become too complex and to make it easy to find your way through the booking process, booking several rooms can only be done consecutively.

How can I add a baby cot or specify my pet?

You already know that you need an extra bed or baby cot and/or would like to bring your dog/pet? Please let us know this information directly when booking. This way you can speed up the check-in process and we are able to accommodate your wishes in advance. The provision of an extra bed is possible in rooms with up to 4 persons.

After you have selected the desired rate in your booking, you can add further information under Extras.

What is the VIP Admission?

All hotel guests with a valid admission ticket for the day have exclusive access to selected attractions at Europa-Park 30 minutes before the official opening during Summer season, and 1 hour before the official opening during HALLOWinter and the winter season.

The themed water world Rulantica opens for hotel guests (with valid admission ticket) already from 9am. This applies to your arrival day, during your stay, and on your day of departure. With the evening and moonlight ticket, entry is possible 30 minutes earlier: Hotel guests can start their adventure from 4.30pm (evening ticket) or 6.30pm (moonlight ticket).

This offer is reserved exclusively for Europa-Park hotel guests. Europa-Park ResortPass holders can also use the VIP admission as part of an overnight hotel stay. This cannot be transferred to friends or family members who are not staying in one of the six 4* superior Europa-Park hotels.

More information about the VIP access for hotel guests

Is there a mode of transport between the themed hotels and the other attractions of the Europa-Park Resort?

The free Hotel-Shuttle-Resort is your convenient way to travel between the Europa-Park attractions: All themed hotels, the Europa-Park entrance for hotel guests, YULLBE, Eatrenalin and the Rulantica entrance for hotel guests. The shuttle operates on a ring route at regular intervals (at least every 30 minutes).

Exact departure times can be found on the map directly at the bus stop, in the Europa-Park hotel app, or ask the staff at the hotel reception.

Can I arrive before 3.30pm?

You are welcome to arrive in the morning to benefit from the VIP access to Europa-Park or Rulantica. We have a luggage room for use until your room is ready for you from 3.30pm.

Is it possible to check in to the room after Europa-Park has closed?

You are welcome to check in after Europa-Park has closed for the day. Here you have various options:

You can collect your admission tickets to Europa-Park at your hotel reception on arrival and store your luggage in the luggage room. Your room will be ready for you from 3.30pm. You can either check in then, or at a later time. We can also send you a text message as soon as your room is ready.

For further information, please speak to our staff at reception. Reception is occupied 24 hours a day. Should you arrive after 6pm, or would like to check in during the evening, please inform us by calling +49 7822 860 5679.

How old does my child need to be to sleep in a bunk bed?

For safety reasons, children must be a minimum age of 6 years to sleep in the upper bunk bed. There is no age limit for the lower bed. Children aged under 6 sleep in the upper bed at their own risk. We recommend booking an additional room with a connecting door.

As a Europa-Park hotel guest, can I use all pool and sauna areas?

All pool and sauna areas of the Europa-Park hotels are available to hotel guests free of charge, regardless of which of the six 4* (superior) hotels you are staying in, you can use the pool and sauna areas of the other hotels too. You can also hire bath robes and towels in all wellness and pool areas. The sauna areas are available for guests aged 18+ (nude area).

Is it necessary to book a table in the restaurants and bars at the Europa-Park hotels?
Is there a charging station for electric cars at the Europa-Park Hotels?

You can recharge your electric car’s battery at the charging stations in the car parks of the Europa-Park hotels. If a station is available, you may park in any of the e-charging parking spots at any time.

When paying directly (scanning the QR code at the charging point and online payment), payment will be handled by Europa-Park. The current price will be displayed transparently, and we won’t charge any blocking fees. If you pay with your charging card, payments will be handled by the provider. This means: costs and potential blocking fees are dependent on the provider.

You need your own charging cable to charge your electric car.

TYPE2 Port (11 KW):
  • 4 x at Hotel ’Bell Rock’
  • 12 x at Hotel ’Colosseo’
  • 4 x at Hotel ’El Andaluz’
  • 4 x at Hotel 'Krønasår'
Fast charging station 
(CCS COMBO TYP2-Connection, 150 KW) 
  • 2 x at hotel ’Bell Rock’ 
  • 2 x at hotel ’Colosseo’
Tesla owners

Please follow the official Tesla instructions for journeys within Germany: 'It is recommended to have a Type-2 charging cable with you in order to be able to access public charging points.'

TESLA Supercharger

The next TESLA Supercharger station is located at the service station in Herbolzheim, where you will find ten charging points (charging time: 30 minutes).

Are pets allowed in the themed hotels?

Pets are allowed in the hotels with prior booking and at a charge of €13.00¹/day (without food). Pets are not allowed in the wellness areas and restaurants and bars.

How can I pay for my stay?
  • Payment upon arrival*: To do that, you have to provide your credit card details when booking.
  • Payment with voucher/EMOTIONS card: Please provide the voucher number when booking and bring the voucher when you arrive.
  • Payment in advance: When booking online you can pay via Paypal, bank transfer (Klarna, Giropay, Postfinance) or with your credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express).

*Please note that some offers may require prepayment.

How can I change or cancel my stay?

The booking can be changed, exchanged for a voucher (print @ home), or cancelled until three days prior to your visit. The statutory limitation periods shall apply. Event tickets, groups and hotel New Year's packages are excluded from this regulation. To the online form

If you have booked your stay through a travel agent, please contact your agent

Subject to change. Edition March 2024.

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